Need pics of 30" sink base with disposal and trash pullout!

raee_gwJuly 30, 2013

My crew doesn't believe it is possible. I know that there are some here but I am not finding them right now. He needs to see photographic evidence.

I had told them that my sink would have the drain offset into the corner, but they deny having heard me, and when they redid the plumbing put it back into the center.
Not a big problem, I haven't gotten the sink yet and can get one with the drain in the middle rear instead.

Either way, they don't believe that I will be able to get both a GD and a trash pullout in there. I think that I will be able to have it all, including pullouts on both sides! Help!

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You don't need photographic evidence. You need to measure the available space, and what's going in it. That will tell you, and them, if it is possible. Don't forget that the depth of the sink will make a difference, since the trash pullout will most likely be under the majority of the sink.

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Oh, I certainly did work the measurements when planning. I have the proper container and pullout size.

These are stubborn old coots, and they want pictures.

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Then make them a sketch. A photograph won't help you, since the dimensions won't be on it, and even if they were, most likely they wouldn't match your dimensions. It's very easy to put in a trash pullout. You can do it yourself, it's just a couple of screws in the bottom of the cabinet. Just tell them they have to put the plumbing (drain and supply) beyond whatever point you dictate. Physically show them that point. Better yet, install the trash pullout before the plumbing goes in, and then there's no confusion about where the plumbing can go.

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Sounds like you need a new crew :)

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Well, there have been a few hiccups but overall they have done a good job so far!

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Edited ... posted in error.

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Raee - I don't have a photo, but have a similar story. I told my KD that I wanted two pull outs under the sink (30") for trash and recycles. I nixed the suggestion of using a dedicated cab. I told her I was confident in her abilities to make it happen. Any photos you receive I may have to use as well. I know it's possible. Good luck!

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Google to find several previous gardenweb threads on this. Also, try as some searches turned up photos from that site.

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Thanks, debrak and jellytoast. I did keep searching (it took many tries) and finally came up with the original one that I had in mind from ikeafans and 2 others not so good from GW. If you have any really good examples though, please post them

Mgoblue85, here is a link to one of them! (even though you seem to have an affiliation with that school up north ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: pic from ikeafans

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Oh, THOSE kind of pullouts! I thought you were talking about the kind that go in under the cabinet, like catbuilder was talking about. Carry on. :-)

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Or, catbuilder, I could just install the GD myself.

Today the issue is, the corner cabinet won't fit through the 29.5" kitchen door. The cabinet maker built it with the top on; to my eye if they just remove that top, then the unit can be tilted to get just enough clearance and rotated through. "No, that won't work, if that would work I would have done it that way before now"

So they removed the door framing to try to make room. Still didn't fit. So now they are trying to cut down the corners a bit without damaging the integrity of the case.

When that doesn't work I will suggest cutting out the top. Again.

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You could install the garbage disposal yourself. I thought the problem was, though, that they hadn't put the rough plumbing in yet, or put it in the wrong place.

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They did put it in the wrong place (sort of) when they fixed the old pipe in the wall. It is in its original spot, centered in the cabinet wall, which would still work for a corner drain, wouldn't it? but they say that they don't want to do that. That is okay, I am not married to the corner-drain sink, I can live with it.

No, the problem is that they don't believe that a GD and a trash pullout will both fit into a 30" cabinet.

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Here is my 30 in sink cabinet with farm sink, pullout trash and GD.

My clean up sink is shaw 30in in a 30in cabinet. I was really keen to have a trash at each sink location. I used the same trash here and at my prep sink. It is the Rev-a-shelf door mounted stainless steel double bin (Model # 8-785-30-DM2SS). It is not too big and we wanted it that way as we prefer to empty trash frequently. I like stainless as I do not need to use a bag for the mixed recycle. The trash also has a foot pedal from Hafele.

The GD is InSinkErator Evolution Pro Compact 3/4 HP Garbage Disposer We ran into a small issue about the GD fitting as my Shaw sink's drain offset was closer to the center than spec. My cabinet maker had put in a divider between the trash and the GD sections. I think this was to reinforce the base for the super heavy shaw sink. We had to notch a small square near the top to fit the wider part of the GD near the top. But it was a super minor mod done on site by the cabinet guys. For sinks where the drain is more offset, it should not be an issue at all.

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Thanks, GWlolo! That is perfect. And, what I can see of your counter and cabinets is absolutely beautiful!

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Glad to help. I got a lot of advice from this forum to push for this. Stick to your guns :) It is your money and your kitchen and you should have it your way!

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