Extended Warranty at Appliances Connection-- should I?

mommarossJuly 9, 2013

I am considering ordering a gas range and microwave through Appliances Connection. The savings on taxes and shipping is tempting! Has anyone worked with this company with repairs using the extended warranty? How does it work? Should I not purchase the warranty and use a local appliance repair service? Have you been pleased with the ease of service when used? I'd appreciate any input! Thank you in advance.

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Holly- Kay

Momma, I wouldn't consider spending money on an extended warranty. Most extended warranties have all kinds of disclaimers and it makes it difficult to actually get the repairs made.

I am an authorized service center for a major manufacturer who is truly outstanding. They offer a full year warranty (not appliances) and will always allow me to err in the favor of the consumer, including many times to repair when the product is actually out of the warranty period.

OTOH, I am also a service center for an extended warranty center. I have had to go to bat for the consumer many times as the warranty center was more interested in a quick fix rather than a long lasting correction. I always refuse to do a half baked job and I have to be adamant in making the repair correctly even though it costs the warranty center more. My point with this is, not all authorized service centers will go the extra mile for the customer. The end user is truly at the mercy of the repair people to go to bat for them and many just will not spend the extra time to do this.

I would squirrel away the amount that an extended warranty would cost and use this towards any repair if needed. A good local repair shop is usually more accommodating and know their business inside and out! HTH.


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I would not get an extended warranty on a gas range or a microwave.

Microwaves are fairly inexpensive, (Unless you bought a fancy one) and is usually just better to replace it than to repair it.

Holly also makes a good point in not getting tied down with an after market warranty company as that limits your options should a repair be necessary to the gas range, (unlikely) but it would help if you tell us who the manufacturer is of the appliances.


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Thanks for the input, this is the experience I was hoping for. I am looking at the LG gas range (LRG3095) and LG microwave (LMHM2017). I knew not to worry about the MW as they are likely the most used in the kitchen but the least likely to break down!

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