Storage on back of cab doors--my solution

bellsmomJuly 1, 2012

Storage in my smallish kitchen is limited, even though it is immensely better than it was before remodel. In early June I posted a query about how to store small flat items on the backs of cabinet doors. Melaska and others helped me with ideas. I promised to post what I decided to do.

This is sort of a tempest in a teapot sort of post, but might be useful to someone.

I decided the strips were too inflexible and found these metal hooks with clear bases by Command. They worked perfectly.

The place I really wanted them was on the back of the sink door next to the microwave. I wanted to hang the plastic lids that I use to cover bowls and plates in the MW so the lids would be handy. This is the way it works:

These are definite keepers. The lids store awkwardly in drawers and perfectly here.

Then I decided to try some on the back of the super susan door which is next to the range. Hanging these small flat objects there saves me half a drawer's worth of prime space next to the range. The susan is used to store seldom used appliances like the sous vide, blender, mixer, and slow cooker. The door is not opened often, and the objects don't get in the way of removing the appliances.

I'm not certain I'll keep the hooks on the back of the susan door, but it is nice to have those things so handy to the range. And at only $1 per hook, no big deal. They come off easily without marring the finish.


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How do those attach? Are they sticky?

Really clever!

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The clear plastic bases have the swing-up-and-down hooks imbedded in them. The set comes with double sided clear adhesive strips. Peel off one side, press the strip to clear plastic base. Peel off the other side, stick the base to surface you want them on. Wait 24 hours and use.
(A thin, clear tab protrudes under the hook. Pull the tab and the hook comes off the surface to which it was attached.)

They come in various sizes. These supposedly hold up to 1/2 pound. I misjudged weight and the four big lids weigh one and a half pounds. I decided to try it anyway. No problem. They've been up for about three weeks now.

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Love this idea! Thank you!

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Those look like frameless cabs, would you mind sharing which company and how you like them so far? Having some trouble finding them around here.

I like those hooks! Easier than drilling hooks, and less stressful too.

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Love your idea. I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what I could do without drilling holes in the cabinets. Love the clear color too.

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I used them on the back of the door to the cookbook/mailbin/recipe box cabinet to hang our keys. I think they're great!

I lined the other door on the cabinet with cork to use as our memo board.

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(one of my dream places, by the way. Do you, I hope, live there? Or, like me, lust for the ends of roads and empty spaces?) the hooks are available here at two office supply chains, at Home Depot and such like, and on line at Amazon. They come in sturdier all clear plastic hooks that hold multiple pounds as well as these with the metal hooks. I have been told they do remove with no damage to the surface.

Mine are indeed frameless cabinets. I would not have considered any other because every inch of drawer space was precious. However, I did not know to specify custom depth, so the guys used the ''regular'' depth drawer, which is really based on vanity depth--costing two or three inches of drawer depth in each drawer. ARGHHH! I would definitely go frameless again--and I would be sure to specify full-depth drawers.
The cabinetmakers were the Ripperdan brothers, True 32 from Mauckport, Indiana, a tiny town on the Ohio River. They are no longer in business, unfortunately.

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I wish I could find some cork that could be removed as easily as these hooks if I change my mind. I would love a memo board on the back of one of the upper cabs. Just wimpish about covering the surface and then not being able to remove the cork if desired.

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Bellsmom, why not attach cork or a memo board with the same type of 3M strips? I bet the photo strips would work.

Here is a link that might be useful: 3m Picture Hangers (strips)

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Well, duh!! Why didn't I think of that! I could put photo strips on the edges with the release tabs out. Of course it would work.
Thank you.

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You can find these at all the Big Boxes, including Wal-mart, Ace, sometimes Safeway and Giant. They're extremely available, but I don't know why more people aren't raving.

These are on my list. Excellent idea.

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Searching for clear picture hangers (which I cannot find), I also found that 3M makes clear caddies in small (about 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches), medium (7 1/2 x 2 1/8 x 2 1/8) and large (8 1/2 x 3 1/8 x 2 7/8). These attach in the same way with clear removeable strips.

I haven't found the caddies locally (and only one local place carried the clear hooks), but I found the caddies on Amazon in 6-packs. 6 of the small ones for $12.36, no shipping with Prime. 6 of the big ones for $18.87. They are on 2 to 3 week delay in delivery, but a great price. Most prices for the small were $7 or more each.

I'm thinking pencils, notepads, thermometers, hotpads--all kinds of small, light, frequently accessed ''stuff''. Hmmm. We'll see.

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My Ace sells them, Christine, and customers DO rave! But I resisted putting that in my last post because I didn't want to sound like an advertisement. However, now that you've labeled Ace a Big Box, I have to object! ;) Ace stores are independently owned, unlike Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, Safeway or (I think) Giant. Some people might label anything with a brand name on the sign a 'Big Box', but independently owned stores can have varied product assortments and services to suit their neighborhood and niche markets. They have to meet some corporate standards to keep their franchise, but owners get quite a bit of leeway in running their stores, too. Also, since some Ace stores are TINY (ours was until we moved locations 4 years ago), and independent ownership funnels less money out of the community, Ace just doesn't qualify as a 'big box', IMO. Sorry for the hijack, just a quibble on semantics I couldn't let go!

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Yes! I used the wire hooks in my old kitchen, to hang cooking utensils next to the stove (they had to go on the side of a melamine cabinet). The hooks worked great and came off with no trouble when it was time. I just brought home a new batch of them yesterday to hang measuring cups and spoons on the door of my baking supplies cabinet. I saw that they have larger decorative hooks too, and I am contemplating using those to hang towels so I don't have to drill holes through the tile (whenever our tile gets installed...). Some of the big hooks are metallic, either chrome or brushed stainless or ORB-looking (some are made of actual metal too). I am thinking those might look nicer than the white plastic ones. I also probably need to retire the magnetic write-on wipe-off board that I keep on the fridge for jotting down grocery needs (the board is at least 15 years old and has ads for cattle vaccines on it). I already have some picture hanger things that I haven't used so I should probably move the grocery list to inside a cabinet door, maybe a pad with paper I can just tear off and take to the store.

I saw the caddies you mentioned when I was getting the hooks at a local hardware store. The ones I saw were about the right size for sponges or scrubbies but without the vent holes at the bottom.

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Be sure to check out the clear plastic hooks if you can find them. I like them much better than the old white ones. But the big metallic ones look great for bathroom or dressingroom use.
Ah, such a wealth of choices. . .

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Nope we don't live there but the whole family has been there we named our dog after the park.

I got my hooks to ight at Target. Thanks again for the recommendation .

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I love these command products. In my war against clutter,I put two of the "bins" on the end of my kitchen base cabinet to hold phones and cords. I put the one for spices on the inside upper cabinet door next to the range and keep my salt and pepper and a very small jar with olive oil. Love that. I have actually put a hook in the front of our suv to hold my glasses that are always sliding everywhere. I'm getting ready to try putting the one that's specifically for a cell phone there also.

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Great idea! I've been using Command hooks for years. The only problem (and this may be operator error?!) is that after a while the adhesive stops working and then whatever is hung...falls. Anyone have a solution or is falling objects just the way it is?

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I agree.. duh! Why didn't i remember these little helpers, especially for those odd plastic bowl lids?? You're also right about getting those oddball utensils out of the drawer onto the super susan doors. Ain't you some smaht!

I'm not sure if you're choosing corkboard for more attractive open viewing, but, in the past, w've used peel and stick chalkboard squares (12x12) for the grands to draw on. There was no impact on the cabinets. They're pretty utilitarian looking, but would be fine on the inside of a cabinet door. I plan to do this in the new kitchen as a way to post ER numbers (911, plumber, relatives, etc.) that sometimes need updating. Now I think I'll look for peel and stick cork board for posting recipes-in-progress:-)

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