does wood flooring go under or up to dishwasher?

suziecaJuly 22, 2008

We have finally decided to go w/eng. wood flooring in kitchen. Should it go under the dishwasher (which means it would have to be removed & replaced) or up to it (just behind the front plate)??


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If the DW is already installed, I think I'd remove it and at least put something under it to make it the same level as the new flooring in front of it. Otherwise, the new flooring in front will make a lip and it may be hard to remove the DW later. My house is new construction and I am running the oak only under the front couple of inches of the cabinets and DW, filling in the rest of the floor with 3/4" plywood so everything is the same level.

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I had my wood only up to the DW, not under it. When we removed it for the remodel, we decided that the lip was troublesome when needing to pull the DW out. (I have had to repair my Bosch DW three times in the past two years, but that is another story!)

We decided that instead of adding wood under the DW that we would put in inexpensive tile that was level with the wood. It only took six tiles and a few minutes to do. We installed the DW last night, and it slid in and out with no problem.

The tile was from HD and was only about a dollar a square foot, much cheaper than having the wood in a place that no one will see. Also seems to make more sense due to the water.

Just a suggestion.

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The possibility of water is another reason I am using the plywood under my cabinets instead of the oak.

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Cindyinsocal - did you grout the tile or just lay it in there? I have tons of samples that I could use for the same purpose but no grout nor expertise in doing it. But that really sounds like a good idea. Thanks

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You definitely want the same height flooring under the dishwasher so you can slide it out it necessary. You can either use your regular flooring or as others have said, plywood - but you definitely do not want a lip in front of the dishwasher.

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You also don't want a lip so that it won't form a recessed area where water can pool without your realizing it or flow under the hardwood you do have installed. Just FYI, my finisher recommends putting the finish under appliances to decrease the rate of water absorption, also. You can even ask them to apply it over the plywood if you have the floor finished before the appliances are in place. I did not manage to get my floors finished before the appliances went in and he said it wasn't horrible, just not what he considers ideal. He also mentioned putting down an oil based poly myself which would offer some protection if the appliances were removed for some reason in the future.

If I have a leak, I WANT it to flow over the floor, not under and out where I can see it and fix it as soon as possible. Large amounts of water will cause will probably cause damage anyway, but hidden water is the worst.


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I did grout the tile. This was my first experience ever with tile. I have to say it was very easy and took almost no time. I bought a very inexpensive tile cutter ($29) to make the cuts I needed. Then I put down the mastic and put the tiles in place. The next day, I used premixed grout. For well under $75 dollars and maybe only an hours worth of work I did the area under my dishwasher and under the range. The trickiest part was getting the tile level with the exsisting floor. Took a couple of tries on the first tile, but after that it was a breeze.

We did not replace our slate/hardwood floor, and therefore, there was only bare concrete under the appliances from the original builder. The tile was my cabinet contractor's idea. I am glad that no one will be able to see the tile job, as it isn't perfect!

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Under - I am having my engineered wood floors installed this week, and my appliances (including DW next week).

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Floors first, then everything else.

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Keep in mind this point: if you have your cabinets set on the base slab or subfloor, then adding additional flooring under the dishwasher area will reduce the opening height of the DW space as measured from the floor to the underside edge of the counter. Depending upon the height required by your dishwasher you may find that the opening height becomes too low to fit it if the floor thickness reduces the height too much. I have 34 1/2" cabinets, and together with 3/4" floor thickness, float, etc. my space now measures 33 3/4 which is inadequate to the installation specs of many standard dishwashers calling out a 34" opening height. Just something to be aware of.

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I had hardwoods underneath the dishwasher prior to the remodel and still do in the new kitchen.

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Nalcar: good point...I'll have to measure the inside dimensions and check the DW specs. Right now everything is done...refaced cabs and granite counters. We're on a concrete slab.

FWIW the installer (a VERY reputable one)says if we want we can put it on plywood but he'd prefer we not touch it and let him install the floor as he wants which is wood up to the DW (under the front plate so you can't see where it ends.) He doesn't want to take the chance of us removing it, putting in plywood, and replacing it and possibly doing something that might cause a leak. He said it's easy to remove if necessary since most of weight is in front anyway.

But then there's that chance of a leak UNDER the wood if everything's not level...@#$%^& what to do?

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Which floor did you end up choosing? I remember you were trying to decide ...

We will be getting engineered hardwood (BR-111 Triangulo Amendoim), which should be installed next week. My contractor will be putting plywood under the dishwasher to the same height as the engineered floor, so the DW can be pulled out as others have mentioned. We checked to see that there would be enough room, and at least in my case, there was. I don't think engineered wood is usually quite as thick as solid wood can be.

So I were you, I would measure first to be sure it would fit. Then I would have him remove and reinstall the DW over plywood. I don't know anything about installing DWs, but I don't understand how reinstalling the DW would cause a leak.

Good luck! I'm interested to hear how it goes ...

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We ended up choosing Lauzon yellow birch (select & better) w/Amaretto stain. I liked the BR-111 Amendoim, too.

He thinks by taking the DW out we have to unhook water hoses, etc. I said we don't...they are all under the sink. The drain goes into the disposal and the water source is under the sink and goes to DW via copper tubing. I'm going to measure tomorrow and see if there is clearance for plywood.

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Can't wait to see your floor! I remember your granite looked stunning.

Maybe this is a stupid suggestion, but maybe there is a way to keep the DW in place but just raise it up slightly and slide the plywood under??

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OK, this guy obviously doesn't think you guys are very smart. He obviously doesn't feel you are capable of disconnecting and reconnecting the hoses properly. What does he think happens when people buy new dishwashers or get new cabinets? Its done all the time. He just doesn't trust YOU to do it. Ask if he would feel the same if you had it reinstalled by a plumber. Then decide if you have any more confidence in yourself than he does. By the way, NOT his decision. Personally, if I wanted it under the DW I would just remove the DW and leave it out until he is done. If it is already out when he arrives, stopping the floor at the dw would be dumb, since it will have to be reconnected after the floor is done no matter he starts and stops it. Do you have a price yet? Are you sure he just didn't figure in the cost or doesn't want to work at installing it in that tight area to work in?

I don't really get some guys problem with what the home owner wants. I have had guys get mad because the way I wanted something would take longer, but they were charging me by the hour. Who cares? Its my house and my money. I loved my GC's attitude when I had some second thoughts about opening up the wall between the kitchen and living room. I asked him if he would build back if I didn't like it after it was removed. He laughed and said "Sure, I get paid either way. I have a guy out by the shore who has had me replace the same window 3 times because he didn't like the one he picked out after it was installed. I just keep going back and he keeps paying me."


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