Sink and faucet dimensions - check me on this

meddamJuly 16, 2014

I want to double check with the experts out there and make sure I am calculating this correctly. I am doing custom cabinets and my GC tells me that the sink base cabinet is 25" from front to back. The sink I plan to order is the Blanco Performa Cascade which is 32" x 19.5" (includes the rim) and will be undermounted. The faucet that I am considering is the Delta Cassidy and requires 2.5" of clearance to the BS.

That comes to 22" - and I guess it might be a little less than that if you consider that the faucet goes through the lip of the sink.

Does this sound like I am cutting things too close? Will this all fit? Thanks in advance!

Here is a link that might be useful: Performa cascade

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Let's start with the Blanco specs: the Cascade Performa is intended for a 36" base cabinet. Side to side. What is your side to side measurement?

I had to go with the Cascade Precis recommended for smaller base cabinet because my remodel did not include replacing my existing cabinets.

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The base cabinet is 36"

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Although 25" sounds strange for a front to back sink cabinet dimension, most are 24", I doubt you'll have any problems getting your faucet to fit.

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How many inches from faucet hole to sink? Will the counter fabricator have concerns?

Found this thread which might help you.

This is one of the reasons to give yourself deeper countertops by setting the cabs 4" or more from the wall if you have space to do so.

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"This is one of the reasons to give yourself deeper countertops by setting the cabs 4" or more from the wall if you have space to do so."

If you do this, you gain nothing without cannibalizing the back of the sink base cabinet.

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Thanks all!

If the sink cab were to be pulled from the wall, how does this work with plumbing? Would they cut out a big piece of the back panel to give access and then somehow strengthen the back to reduce any racking (or whatever that term is for shifting and rotating)?

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kksmamma - I think that is 2.5" as well, though I can't completely tell from the specs on the faucet.

Thanks for the link. I should email the fabricator to make sure it will all fit without pulling the cabinet forward!

Here is a link that might be useful: Cassidy Faucet

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Treb, how is the back of the cabinet affected? Pipes have to come through it whether it is on the wall or several inches away. My sink cabinet is set off the wall, so I have six inches of countertop behind the faucet rather than two, but it is still within the cabinet space below the counters.

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A sink and faucet set within a 25 1/5" countertop with 1/1/2" overhang off the front of a 24" cabinet. Whether the back of the cabinet sets against a wall or is pulled forward 4" or 4' doesn't matter for faucet placement unless the back of the cabinet is altered to allow access to the additional space.

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No reason to pull cabinet out unless the kitchen is designed that way and there's enough clearance in the aisle.

But the 19.5" deep sink needs to be set back from the front of the cabinet. Usually that's 1.5" though it can vary. So you have 23.50 to the back. When you subtract 19.5 from that you get 4".

But the faucet is measured from the CENTER of the stem. And there are 2 measurements to consider. 1 is the thickness of the stem itself. The second is the clearance needed to the backsplash (don't forget to add thickness on the wall for tile!!) but is that for operation of the faucet?

Best to post specs to be sure.

The sink will fit. The faucet will fit on center. But half of 4 = 2 so if the faucet is centered and it needs a full 2.5 clearance in back to operate, you are likely 1/2-inch shy. Then you'd need to check to see if the cabinet will be constructed so the sink can be pulled forward to 1" from the front to provide more space in back. Also, what that will do in terms of the countertop in front. Some have an overhang and some are flush. They don't like to make those too thin it it's stone. They may need 1-1/2"

But to be absolutely sure, please post pdf of the faucet download -- and best to post the sink download as well since there's been no mention of faucet spout length or position of the sink drain.

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Thanks rococogurl! The link to the faucet specs in a link above & linked the sink specs here. Looks like the faucet stem is 2.5" wide. Maybe I should play it safe & go with the Precis Cascade. PhoneLady- do you like yours? Do you feel like it is deep enough?

Here is a link that might be useful: Performa cascade specs

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Well I LOVE my Precis and it is plenty deep and roomy for our household's use.

I just measured to be sure. Including the thickness of the 3cm granite, the overall depth from the counter top to the sink drain is approx. 9". From the bottom of the raised shelf to counter top is about 6" (although that measurement is probably a non issue).

Funny but I started out thinking I was going to go with the Delta Cassidy too, but I ended up with a Moen Woodmere pull down. We liked both faucets, but I preferred the Moen finish better and my husband liked the Moen handle better, so I stop looking when we agree so completely on something (as we did with the sink too).

Also between the depth of the sink and the height of the faucet, I have zero splash factor which was a huge improvement over what I had before.

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Hmm. Your documented non-splashing is a big plus, PhoneLady. My sister has splashing and hates her faucet as a result.

What does the distance from the end of your faucet to the bottom of the sink end up being? If you don't mind measuring for me :)

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Of course I don't mind! This forum was and is an incredibly valuable resource for me so I always like to pay it forward.

Just measured. Slightly over 19".

I just posted a picture on the thread talking about R/O faucets. But I'd be happy to take another picture showing more of the faucet/sink install if you think it will help.

You can't see it in the picture, but I have a hole in the granite to the left awaiting soap dispenser. Yup......I'm in the pro soap dispenser camp. That's ANOTHER spirited yet friendly topic of discussion here.

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Thanks for explaining, Treb. I still don't quite get it, but it doesn't matter to me if it doesn't matter to the op. I understand it doesn't give more space inside the cabinet, but it still seems to me it would give her extra clearance between the faucet and backsplash.

I'm a big fan of my deeper counters and the fact that getting them is nearly free if if done by setting the lower cabinets off the wall. And on the sink wall, I like that my backsplash doesn't get splashed quite so much.

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I have the blanco cascade and 24 inch deep x 36 inch wide sink cabinet.
You should be fine.
I went with the standard waterstone lined up with the drain
The faucet stream by design hits in front of the drain.
No splash on the sink. DH splashes himself when he rinses dishes- but he holds them at counter level.
Splash happens when the stream hits uneven surfaces such as the flanges from the disposer or edge of drain.
My only regret - I wish I had gone with the larger waterstone (or kohler Karbon) to make it easier for my husbands back. (Don't feel too sorry as he rides 4-5 thousand miles each summer)

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Thanks for measuring PhoneLady. I saw your sink in another thread & it looks great. Lol on the soap dispenser. I think I fall in the no soap dispenser camp so at least I won't have to make yet another choice!

Thanks for posting yours a2gemini! Is it the performa or the précis? I think I might choose the Cassidy that comes out further for the reasons you just mentioned.

Who knew sinks and faucets could be so mentally exhausting!

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