Where do you put your wax paper, clingwrap, storage bags, etc.?

SadieVJuly 25, 2011

In the middle of designing my new kitchen, and trying desperately to find a place for everything (so that eventually everything can be in its place). Please give me suggestions for where to store and how to organize the paper products like aluminum foil, clingwrap, wax paper, and food storage bags? I'm thinking a drawer in the island would be best - but open to your suggestions.

Pictures would be great -- I'm a visual person.

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In a drawer where you would usually use it. If you pack lunches, that area would be good.

I'm putting mine in the 2nd drawer down next to the fridge. I think. Mostly because I usually use it to cover something going into the fridge.

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I have mine in a drawer in my bakers table. The top draw on the right hand side closest to the frig.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana

I use a wire wrap organizer for the 'long' wrap boxes. It is mounted on the inside of the pantry door but can also be mounted on the inside of most cabinet doors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Like this

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top shallow drawer under the induction cooktop

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In the 3rd drawer down.

The top two are filled with kitchen gadgets and utensils.

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I use two drawers. One shallow 15" drawer holds foil and plastic wrap, along with twist ties and one box of the 1-qt ziploc bags, as I use all of these quite often.

In the same base cab I use a very deep 15" wide drawer for everything else. It holds the large size box of garbage bags, extra long heavy-duty foil, smaller garbage bags used for marinating meats, and ziplocs in the snack size and the 1-gall sizes. There's room for a waxed paper roll, but I don't use it.

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In a top drawer of my prep peninsula.

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In the top drawer on my prep island

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We have it in a deep drawer, because we have the costco jumbo-sized boxes that won't fit in our shallows. In another home we had a rack attached to a base cabinet door (can't be used with roll out trays or with the large boxes). I'd place it near where you typically make lunches or wrap up leftovers.

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I plan on putting it in a top drawer in my island, right near the sink. That location works well because after dinner, before clearing plates, we store leftovers and right after washing veggies, they go into bags, etc. HTH

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The ones I use most are in a wire wrap holder attached to the inside of the door on the under-sink cabinet. I will probably put them there again in the remodel. Less used items, like parchment paper and sandwich bags, and spares of the major wraps are in the broom closet/pantry around the corner.

My DM, however, has hers in a drawer.

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willtv, how do you like your Bluestar? (Offtopic, sorry!)

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Over the years, I've realized that, for me, these items work best if they're not "stacked". That meant shallow drawers when I designed my kitchen.

Foil and parchment paper are in a top shallow drawer (30" wide) in my Baking Center b/c it's close to the ovens and where I prep foods for the oven (baking, roasting, etc.)

Plastic bags and wraps are in a shallow 24" wide drawer on my peninsula and across from the refrigerator where I use them most often...for making lunches and putting away leftovers (2nd drawer down, above bread & electrical stuff and below the silverware drawer). My MW is to the left, so wax paper is also in this drawer.

You can see the zones/locations here:

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I have the most frequently used ones (flim, foil, gallon, quart and sandwich bags, plus a variety of bag clips) in an island drawer opposite the fridge. It's the second of a four drawer stack, and I LOVE it. In the previous kitchen, the only place for it was near the stove, and in the bottom.

The parchment paper is in the baking zone, and the least used ones are in the pantry.

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In the drawer above my pullout trash/recycling. It's near both my prep and my cleanup zones, so it works great for me. The drawer is also wide enough that I can fit an extra roll or two of foil or wrap as backups.

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to left of lazy susan in lower at corner and to right of DW and below microwave on counter is a set of 3 not-quite-narrow stacked drawers...
1) junk including rubber bands & flower arranging supplies
2) waxed paper, plastic bags, alum foil
3) bin-drawer for Tupperware, yogurt containers, glass jars, etc. (When it's full, I know I don't need to heed impulse to keep another one on hand--toss it.)

DH works at countertop above when he lays out a salmon on alum foil. I do some flower arranging here. We unload DW here. We process leftovers here. Otherwise the spot is mostly just a coming and going place and rarely does anyone else stand there very long. Microwave access is to the right. Sandwich station and refrig are further down at rt angle to the wraps drawer.

Paper bags are kept in niche that holds doubletrash.

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Arlosmom, I have the same copper compost pail. It sits under the sink and doesn't get used much unless it's raining hard when I have a full countertop bowl.

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This is one of those broad "categories" I prefer to break up and store by use. Hence parchment sheets are near baking center, but parchment roll is near prep where I might be making up packages for steaming veg or seafood.

Similarly, microvable wax paper is near MW, but waxed paper sandwich bags are stowed with the brown paper lunch bags. (I don't make up lunch bags very often, nowadays.)

Foodsaver rolls are near foodsaver machine.

Aluminum foil is near oven with parchment roll.

Clingfilm is near the fridge, along with my ziplocks, though I am trying hard to use reuseable glass containers for leftovers, which are stored in the same place.

Freezer bags and butcher paper are with my food preservation supplies.

I am working hard to get over my tendency to lump sets (dishes, pots, implements, spices) together rather than disposing them around by where they get used. I figure that even if it's more steps to place them in their storage positions (i.e. putting soup bowls in a different cupboard from the cereal bowls) at least those steps aren't happening just at the moments I need them for cooking or plating.


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(Hey, I have that copper compost pail, too!)

Our wraps, similar to what others have said, are put where we use them most, and so they're all in top shallow drawers, but not all in one drawer.

Leftovers get wrapped on our butler's pantry counter, between the dining room and the refrigerator, so that's where we keep storage bags, foil, and plastic wrap. (Food storage containers are in a low drawer there, too.)

Sandwich bags and lunch bags are in the prep zone, since that's where I make lunches.

Parchment is in the baking area. I've recently come to realize that a second roll of plastic wrap should be in the baking area, too.

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I have mine mounted on a bottom door with a Rev A Shelf wooden holder. I didn't buy it from Amazon, but they have the best pictures!

Here is a link that might be useful: RevAShelf Foil Door Mount

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A large shallow drawer so they are all visible as soon as the drawer is opened.

boxes of storage bags are a little deeper than most of the roll boxes, so be careful about going to shallow.

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I wish I had more drawers!

They're in the wicker basket above the microwave. I got the basket at Crate & Barrel. Fits perfectly. I apologize for the mess of the unclosed door. Also, this is obviously before we got the Big Chill.

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I wasn't going to write to throw in more of the same, but I wanted to say your solution looks really nice, Gsscience, and that pretty kitchen.

I really like the idea of separating out at point-of-use, but my kitchen just isn't all that large, so they're in a top shallow drawer over other drawers that store food containers, etc.--all under an otherwise empty, waiting area of counter between the stove and sink, by the garbage pullout, across from the prep island, etc. Works well, but best of all: that one-layer storage already mentioned.

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