Kitchen Faucet - Moen MotionSense or Delta Touch2O?

aes1783July 22, 2013

I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen and I want to get a touchless faucet. It appears as though Delta and Moen are in my price range. Moen has MotionSense and Delta has Touch2O.

I'm wondering, does anyone have any experience with both brands and the technologies? Which do people prefer? What are the advantages and disadvantages?

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Hi aes1783,

We have the MotionSense but have only used it for a couple weeks at this point. So far so good, we are very pleased. The sensors operate off batteries, and Moen has an optional AC adaptor which we may buy in the future. These were DH's selection, he loves tech gadgets! Our thinking was if we didn't like the auto features we could just take out the batteries and use them as regular faucets. Oh, we got the spot-free stainless finish, which is very nice!

My co-worker has the Touch2O. It is not actually "touchless" but you can turn it on without touching the handle - for instance you can hit the spout with your wrist if your hands are grungy. She's had it for over a year and likes it very much.

Hope this info is helpful. Ruby

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We tested both at a plumbing supply store, but ended up buying a regular faucet. But, my comment is that the Touch2o faucet has to be turned on in order to work. So, you have to have the lever activated, and then you can touch t on/off. It did recognize the difference between a touch to turn on and a grab to change positions, which seemed cool.
The motion sense one turned on even when the lever was not activated.
I found this detail interesting.
The Touch2o is made by delta, and they also make the Brizo, which offers the same option.
I did like the Delta magnet docking better than the Moen reflex hose, but that was just in trying it in the store.
We ended up with a Delta, no touch2o though. If I really find that I want it, I can always look into a tapmaster :)

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Thanks for the feedback so far! I feel like I really should just try to find a store that has both on display (I live in Milwaukee, WI and I have no idea if there are any stores in my area that would have both functionally on display).

I read several reviews on Amazon and it seems like people prefer the Moen MotionSense to the Touch2O technology, but I have a feeling it may just come down to personal preference.

home4all6, thanks for the info on Brizo. I wasn't aware!

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We have the Moen motion sense. We really like it. Even my husband who does not like anything new likes it. We just put our hands in front of it and it comes on. It will come on every time your hands are moving in front of the sensor, even sometimes when you don't want it to. So I just turn it so the sensor will not activate. We got it at Christmas and we just now need to replace the batteries.

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Testing again.

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Have you looked into the Kohler Sensate? This one is directly hooked to an AC power source. I'm intrigued, but not yet sold on the concept. All input is welcomed!

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I'd love to go with Kohler, but it's out of my price range. As it is, I'm already watching on eBay and trying to find one around $225, which I think I can. I think I'm going to go with Moen as it seems to have gotten better reviews. Plus, I don't like that a blue LED light is permanently lit up on the Delta faucet.

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We have 2 Touch 2 O faucets in our kitchen. They were installed in November 2012 and we haven't had to replace the batteries yet. We've been very happy with them. And they do turn off automatically if left running for 4 minutes (found that out trying to defrost some shrimp!)

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I'm unsure if I want the 1.8 aerated flow...

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Connie K

For those of you who have them, are there really that many times when you feel the need to turn on the faucet without touching it, or is it that it is just such a cool, new feature that you want?

Even when my hands are messy, I can easily turn on my faucet with the clean part of my hand, usually the top side of my hand, so there is no desire to pay the premium price for the faucet, or to feed the faucet with batteries just to have this feature. Am I missing something?

Maybe it's that not once in my whole life of using a kitchen faucet have I thought to myself, "Hey, if only I could turn on my faucet without touching it, now that would be grand!"

However, if they invent something that prevents those awful water spots in a stainless steel sink, I'm first in line! I don't care how often I have to replace the batteries!

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I don't know how many times I've been in a public restroom and have had to wave my hands furiously in front of a faucet trying to get it to turn on. Back and forth, back and forth ... grrrr! I can't imagine having to go through that on a daily basis in my own kitchen.

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