Delivery Issues on Bosch 800 Series Range

bonnie879July 4, 2014

I would like to know if anyone else is having trouble getting delivery of the new Bosch 800 Series ranges? I have placed an order for the dual fuel 800 Series range over a month ago and neither my appliance dealer nor Bosch can give me even an estimated delivery date. I have been in touch with both. I'm very upset with Bosch because I can't get any answers whether these are being shipped yet. If I don't get any answers, I'm going to have to buy a range that I actually can get delivered and the one I really want is the Bosch, but how long am I expected to wait?? I need a range!

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I bought the Bosch HEI8054U 800 range and the Bosch B22CT80SNS 800 French Door Refrigerator on May 16th and they're not in yet. Unlike you, my new kitchen isn't quite ready for them to arrive though.

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Did they tell you it would be a long wait or give you an approximate delivery date? I need to know if any if the 800 series are being shipped yet! I ordered Model HDI8054U.

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I was told July 18 arrival. I sure hope there's no problem as I've had custom cabinets built around those specific appliance measurements.

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Still no dates on my end. In fact, nobody ever gets back to me so I keep emailing an leaving messages at Bosch. Please let me know if they arrive on the 18th!

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That's a week away. I finally spoke to bosch (very nice man finally called me back) and he said they are back ordered and no clue when they will ship. Some are going out slowly though but he wasn't sure where abouts. And he understood if I needed to cancel my order and buy something in stock. Not very comforting!

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My Bosch appliances have arrived.

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How do you like your new Bosch range and refrigerator?

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Sorry..have been out of town. I have been using the fridge in my living room as my kitchen still isn't done. This is my first French door and while I like it so far, I do find it sort of annoying that you have to open both doors to get to the larger crisper. I did not expect the freezer to have baskets instead of solid bottom shelves, but there appears to be something underneath to collect any possible drips. Other than that, it's beautiful and has lots of storage for a counter depth. I have to be certain the doors are properly closed. At first, I don't think I closed the door all the way and there was a lot of condensation dripping down the center panel between the 2 doors. I turned on humidity control and that resolved any issues. It's not a Liebherr, but short of that, I still think it was my next best choice.

The stove is still boxed up, but I love the way it looks. I especially like that the knobs are substantial and on the front, rather than at a slant. So if it works as good as it looks, I'll be happy.

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