My new countertop pics, finally! Wilsonart HD

scoutfinch72July 22, 2009

I finally got home last night after 3 weeks away for work. My countertops were installed while I was out of town (dh was home) and I've been dying to see them. I LOVE them. We agonized for several weeks over color choices and got a bunch of large samples from the fabricator. I finally decided to go darker just in case we decide to take the leap and paint the cabs in the future. For now we are just going to touch up the finish. We will be tiling the backsplash and repainting in the nect few weeks - as soon as I dig out from being OOT for 3 weeks! They are Wilsonart HD Raven Gemstone.

Here is the before:

And the after:

Here is a shot of the bullnose edge. We paid a whopping extra $75 for this and it was totally worth it. This corner of the peninsula is the only square corner in the kitchen:

My new SS double bowl sink and Delta Victorian faucet. I considered a single bowl, but it would have meant a bunch of new plumbing work and I really like having the disposal separate from the other drain so we left it as is. This sink is MUCH larger and deeper inside than my old cast iron one was. The divider in the old sink was wider and the sides came in further. I LOVE the new faucet, but it's taking a little time to get used to the control being separate from the faucet:

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Very pretty. I am anxious to see the backsplash and paint.
It just goes to show you that if you update other parts of the kitchen, quality oak cabinets do not look dated.
I love your faucet, by the way.

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Fori is not pleased

Nice! The counter is the perfect color combo for the cabinets (and wall color). Do you have plans for the backsplash?

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I've been waiting to see your countertop, and it certainly does not disappoint! I wish I could find a light color in the HD that we both actually like. DH is still wanting a more solid surface, which of course means about 2K more!!

Can I ask what you mean about more plumbing cost to switch from double sink to one large bowl? I sure hope that doesn't happen to me!

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"It just goes to show you that if you update other parts of the kitchen, quality oak cabinets do not look dated."
THANK you for saying that mapletex! You just made my day! I've been hoping that the new elements wouldn't just enhance the feeling that the cabs were old. These are really nice custom built oak cabs, so it seemed a crying shame to replace them - plus we can't afford it right now!

fori - we do have plans for the backsplash. I'm thinking of something like this picture. I can't remember who this pic belongs to, but it's someone here:

southernstitcher - Thanks for the compliments! I was just assuming that they would have to do some extra plumbing when they converted it to a single drain, but I could be totally wrong. Either way, I think I am going to be pleased with the double bowl.

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I agree, your cabinets look great and don't need to be replaced. The style of them is very current. Have you considered some knobs or handles on them?

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Yvonne Albertyn_Brazil

That looks great! I think the backsplash you're considering would look great, too.

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Fori is not pleased

Those tiles will be perfect!

And I do agree--nothing wrong with good oak. Those are a classic style and color. Could have been installed last week or 75 years ago. Definitely keepers!

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Oh yeah, I wanted to add that the cabinets do look really nice! I didn't even think anything like "oh, too bad she didn't replace the cabinets". I sure wouldn't - they are classic as fori said.
I looked and looked at the Mystic Gemstone very similar to your Raven gemstone. I LOVED it, but both DD and DH nixed it for our kitchen - too dark. Those HD's are so pretty, especially the gemstone series. They just don't have what is agreeing with both of us, doggoneit.
Backsplash -- you could even try to pick up on some of that blue in the Raven....

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Fori is not pleased

Hehehe. Southernstitcher, when I looked at the first picture I was thinking "awww %$#& she's ripping those out!!??"

I don't miss the peninsula post though! That did date it a bit.

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It's perfect!!! It really brings out the color of the cabinets and picks up the tones in the appliances, giving the whole kitchen a very pulled together look, even without the backsplash. The agonizing really paid off!! Beautiful!

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That counter looks great!

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I love the counter tops!!! What a difference just taking out those cabs above the peninsula.
I agree with others, your cabs look very current and once that back splash is in, it's going to look dynamite!!

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Lovely, great choice, Enjoy your new counters!

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Beautiful countertops! And I agree with everyone else that the cabinets look great. I also agree with happyladi that I'd at least consider some hardware. And I like southernstitcher's idea of picking up some of the blue for the backsplash. Keep posting those pics!

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it looks so much better with the cabs over peninsula gone also - and 'leg' also!

do you think in 20 yrs people will look at these beautiful kitchens you are all doing and say 'ugh'? what a terrible!

scoutfinch - how tall are you? i really like the mw shelf in the corner but i'm only 5' - not sure if it'd be low enough for me. how much room from bottom of shelf to counter top?

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Scoutfinch, Thanks so much for the great pictures. We are in the beginning stages of a kitchen update and have also chosen WilsonArt HD, Sedona Trail. We are planning on installing a peninsula and wanted to round the outside end in order to fit more chairs around it. We weren't sure we could till we saw your pictures. Where did you purchase the HD and who installed it?

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Scoutfinch, I must confess I have the exact same cabinets in my kitchen. We bought our house 7 years ago (new construction). Maple and cherry cabinets were just beginning to take off, and while we did upgrade to raised panel doors, we were content with oak.

I put some simple antique copper knobs on the cabinets, because I have a lot of copper in my kitchen. I think they look quite nice.

You are very wise to stay within your budget. Your kitchen looks very up-to-date, and you haven't broken the bank in the process!

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Southernstitcher and mamalynn - I am thinking of adding in a strip of glass tiles into the tumbled travertine, so I might work the blue in there.

happyladi - I forgot to mention that I do plan on adding hardware! I am torn about the finish, though. I chose the light fixtures before I knew I'd be getting SS appliances and now I am not in love with them and am thinking of replacing them. Not sure what finish to choose for those and the hardware, though.

desertsteph - I am certain they will all be shaking their heads at us in 20 years! That silly leg wasn't even screwed in from below. It had one screw in it through the cab above it. I am 5'5" tall and there is 16" of space from the top of the counters to the bottom of the microwave. I have no trouble putting things in or taking them out. It's actually almost the same height as an OTR one would be. That shelf isn't my favorite part of the kitchen, but I'm dealing with it. Once we get a matching microwave, I think it will help more. I've also considered asking a cabinet maker friend to build a appliance garage door for it, but I'm not sure about it.

patsyklein - I am really happy with that rounded edge since I was worried I'd be hitting my hip on it if it was squared off. We used Carl Beuhner Countertops in Salt Lake City for the fabrication and install. My only complaint is that the deck of the sink where the faucet is installed doesn't seem very heavy gauge. It's my fault for not asking to see the sink they agreed to provide, though. Right now the faucet can rock a bit. It's securely attached to the deck, but the deck flexes, if that makes sense.

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mapletex - thanks again for the compliments! I was really grateful when we looked at this house to see that it had a neutral kitchen with good bones because it needed so much work elsewhere. These cabinets were installed in 1985 and show almost no wear at all. The only places they need a little TLC are where the supports were for the lowered eating area and the false drawer fronts under the sink where there is a small amount of moisture wear.

It killed me a bit to lose that much storage, but those peninsula cabs just closed in the kitchen so much from the dining area.

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thx! maybe i need 5" platform slippers... lol!

i thought I'd start out by just putting my mw in that corner - on the counter and see how I like that.

i do like the idea of it being up a bit higher tho. mine now is a bit higher than counter height - and i like it.

i do want to try to have my counter height about 2 inches lower than normal - that should help. and the 16" up from the counter looks (in pic) like it'd work for me.

I'll measure it out on my little counter here (about 2' of it) and see. I think if I measure up 14" it should be what it would be if counter 2" lower and 16" from counter to shelf bottom. now i have to find my tape measure...

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