Corner space required for bar stools?

BellaBuggyJuly 8, 2013

I have searched for this answer to no avail, but I apologize in advance if it is here and I've overlooked it.

We are building a large bar height seating area which measures 5x8. I purchased 10 bar stools, thinking three on the long sides and two on the short. However, following the ~24 inches per seat rule, we could actually have two more stools for the long sides on the table. However, I'm not sure how those sitting at the corners would be affected. I am not mathematically inclined and I don't know how to calculate it. As it is, the stools can each slide in under the table top, and I want it to stay that way.

The table has an 18" overhang to allow stools to tuck under completely. The bottom of the legs is the widest portion, and that measures 17" square at the floor. I hope that makes sense! I realize the easiest way would be to try it out in person, but the table won't be done until next week and we have 14 family members coming in from out of town, so if I can do extra seating I would love to order it now so we could have it when they arrive.

It is miserable sitting in a too-tight corner spot so I don't want to create a problem, but on the flip side we have a very large family and every extra seat would help.

Thank you!

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I think it might be ok but you should really mock it up. I think that there is enough body space but you should make sure that the eating area of the corner diners won't be compromised. Create a "table" using something like newspapers. Then see if you can place good-sized placemats on the "table" without them overlapping each other. If you can do that, I think you should be ok.

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Per "the rules", no this would not work. However, I think it would be do-able. Many of the bar height tables that seat 8 are 54x54 which doesn't follow the rules either (for knee space).

If it were me I would go ahead and get the 2 extra stools. Could you return them if they do not work ?

Is it too late to build the table at 5x9 ?

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The table size can't be changed, unfortunately. The stools could technically be returned, but I am ordering online so paying shipping both ways would be kind of painful.

The two extra seats aren't really needed, I just thought that there would be some way to calculate how chairs tuck in/people sit comfortably at table corners, but if there is I sure can't find it!

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