45 inch clearance between island and pantry cabinets too narrow?

murdock428July 24, 2014

Hi GWers,

Thanks in advance for your feedback.

We're finalizing our kitchen layout and cabinet order this week, and we currently have 45" between the edge of our island (overhang w/ stools) and the side wall of our kitchen, which consists of pantry cabinets, a pocket door into a playroom/library and a beverage center. This will also serve as the walkway from the front of the house to the family room in the back...it's a long, narrow house. Will this clearance be way too tight? We could potentially increase it to 48", but I'm concerned about the wall shift impacting a separate doorway in the playroom/library. We can't move the island, as we're at 42" of clearance on the other (cooking/sink) side and don't want this to shrink.


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The thing that makes this iffy is that it's the side of the island with stools. If you purchase backless stools and if they stay tucked under when not in use, then maybe. If people are using the stools, anyone wanting to pass is going to have to skootch by. Is this your only alternative? Maybe post a layout?

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I've (hopefully) attached the sketch. We'll likely use backless stools at the island.

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How deep is the overhang?

Is this a new house? Remodel? Are the walls at the ends of the pantries existing? Maybe you could build the pantries a little shallower?

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We have a 42" behind our island seating and it seems fine for us (2adults and a large dog). It's one of the main aisles from back steps to rear entry door. We have a small, enclosed kitchen. Not ideal but no issues for us.

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