Double bowl kitchen sink recommendations

diknippenJuly 17, 2013

I am ready to remodel a kitchen for the first time. My kitchen is 28 years old and I am so excited.

Our house came with a triple bowl stainless steel Franke sink that I love (but recognize some drawbacks).

I think I cannot make the switch to a large single bowl. I have rented houses with that sink and do not enjoy using it. But I am open to a double bowl.

We have a very large kitchen with a lot of counter space. I have plenty of room for whatever sink I want. However, I will not be installing a second prep sink.

I am an avid but messy cook. I often have soapy water in the sink ready to wash dishes as I cook to lessen the pile of pots and pans after the meal.

What sinks do you love and why? I am grateful for your ideas.

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Love my Elkay Aquadivide low divide SS double sink. There are a lot of threads about the advantages of low divide sinks, and several companies make them.

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I have a similar question but am about to post separately because I need a 30" cabinet and my double sink options are more limited as a result. I also want a 65/35 or 70/30 or even 80/20 because I want a bigger main basin and a breakaway sink for a 2nd cook next to it.

For what it's worth we have a 50/50 double sink now, each basin 14x16 and around 8 deep, and it's fine but just slightly narrow for our bigger pans, which is why I want to move to at least 60/40 if not more uneven. Another reason I want a double sink is that we tend not to dishwash plastic and it builds up in the sink so without a double basin it slows us down between hand washings of plastic in one of the basins. Not an ideal reason to choose a sink (to let dishes pile up!) but a realistic thing to consider.

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Thank you Ginny20. I looked at a thread for low divide sinks. Now I have another feature to consider.

Dreamojean-good luck with your decision. Thanks for the input.

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