Galley layout for a friend

justmakeitJuly 31, 2013

So I guess I'm sort of like my dear friend's kitchen consigliera. I'm helping with all aspects of her renovation, and I'm treating it very much as though it were my own (short of writing the checks). She and her husband will spend weekends and holidays in this condo. Most weekends, she serves a dinner for 10 people, cooked from scratch.

Right now, there's only one entrance into the kitchen, the one at the bottom of the plan, but she'd like to open a door to the dining room at the top, to the left of the sliders. (We think this is possible because other people in the building have done this.)

I've made the counters 30" deep, and I'd like for the lowers, mostly drawers, to be as deep as they can be underneath -- 27"? 28"? I'm assuming this would allow for the uppers to be a little deeper than usual as well.

A few questions: I'm showing a 30" induction stove, but she'd love to have double ovens if such a thing were possible to fit. What do you think?

The table in the corner that she'd be using for eating in is tiny: 24". How much clearance does she need for 2 people to be able to sit there over breakfast?

Thanks in advance for your advice. She (and I) really appreciate it.

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I would try to get the DW on the other side of the sink, not between it and the range.

If you can get the doorswing of the fridge to go into the doorway of the kitchen you only need a few inches (not 12, in that case) of space on the hinge side to open it enough for drawer access. you could gain a few inches there to get the DW to the right of the sink.

I don't think you need to almost center the range in this plan. If you cheated it toward the bottom of the plan, you could fit an under counter second oven toward the top and still retain some storage, or, if you wanted two wall ovens you could put Them at the bottom of the plan and move the cooktop toward the top of the plan a bit more.

Any of these ideas need to keep in mind the back to back relationship between the sink/DW on one side and the cooking appliance on the other.

A 24" round table is really way too small for two. 24" square could suffice, but I would try for 36" round even if it needed to be pulled out and pushed back.

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How important is it that she be able to seat two to eat in the kitchen, especially once there is a door to the DR? We eat in our DR all the time. If you get rid of the little table, the double oven could go on the same wall as the cooktop, and shelves for cookbooks, et al, could go on the rest of the wall up to the sliders.

If she's married to the little table, then you could put a speed oven or a regular single oven under the counter as the second oven, but you lose a bank of lowers.

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Thanks, pal and ginny!

About the table -- I think she wants the table more than she wants the double ovens. The dining room will have a huge table, for the weekly large gatherings, and the small kitchen table will be a quiet little retreat away from the big table. She already has the table (it's an antique base that she had a cherry top made for), and she and her husband use it often for breakfasts. Seems tiny to me, but seems to work for them.

I like the idea of sliding the cooktop up towards the top a bit, and adding double ovens at the bottom across from the fridge. If she uses a cooktop, she can have drawers below, right? So she'd gain a little storage back that way.

pal -- I put the DW to the left of the sink only because I worried about the tripping factor having it open at the end of the run, around the corner from the dining room entrance. But if the sink scootches down a little, it wouldn't be right next to the doorway. I'll have to redraw that to see how it works.

How much of a problem would it be to have the sink and the cooktop directly across the aisle from each other? (Although I may not have mentioned it, this is definitely a one-butt kitchen.)

Thanks again for your help!

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This is big enough to be a two person kitchen, definitely, if the elements are offset enough to prevent people from elbowing each other.

Yours is the size of a U kitchen we did for a client that sometimes had as many as 5 people working in the kitchen (except that two could often stand outside the kitchen proper since there was an open run of counter). The aisle here was 58",the entire length 11', the fridge to the left, the DW to the right (and a concealed range hood if you were wondering):

Of course as an open galley, you will have room for less people because of one less appliance-containing counter run, but really you have plenty for at least two to work comfortably, or three if they work well together.

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How fun to do everything but write the checks!

Especially with the new door to the dining room, putting the DW to the right of the sink will allow the cleanup to be right there rather than spread across the whole left side of the counter. My galley kitchen has the DW opposite a 27" wall oven and you can *just* slip through but I think it'd be much worse with a lower range door that's full size.

With the dining room so close, maybe they won't feel the need for that little table. Getting rid of it would allow a*lot* more capability in the kitchen. If they want to keep it, how about a flip-up table with stackable chairs so it can get out of the way when getting ready for 10 people to dinner. Or maybe a counter-height movable island with flip-up leaves at the ends to provide two eating places but otherwise provides more prep (or whatever) space.


Here is a link that might be useful:

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pal-- that's a really nice-looking functional kitchen! Amazing that 5 people can work in that small-ish footprint. I don't know much about galley kitchens, but I was surprised there seemed to be so much useable space my friend's.

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mtnfever -- ooh, that's a great little table from Ikea! And I can see how it would save a ton of space, too. I'm going to discuss the little table idea again with her -- there really would be a lot more space in the kitchen if the right-hand run could extend further up toward the sliders.

I'll try putting the dishwasher on the dining room door side of the sink, so it won't open out towards the oven. Thanks for your help!

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I understand the DW/range door conflict, but I'd be more apt to move the range than move the DW to the other side of the sink - or make the range a cooktop and have a double oven down farther on that wall where it doesn't conflict with the DW. In my galley kitchen, the DW used to be between the DR entrance and the sink, and I hated it. Either we were trying to get around the open door or I had to keep closing it. My kitchen was more narrow than this one, so there wasn't a lot of room to maneuver. In the remodel, I moved the DW to the opposite side of the sink, so dishes come in, are scraped off, then go into the DW, all in a flow like a factory. The trash pullout is on the other side of the sink from the DW, so bones and napkins can be discarded if necessary before the dishes are scraped. It's much more efficient. The DW is opposite the cooktop, but I never use both at the same time, so it's not a problem. And it's only a cooktop - no door. Even though this kitchen is wider, I think it's still better flow to go door-sink-DW. Move the oven instead.

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Ginny -- thank so much. I really appreciate hearing about how your kitchen functions, and the idea of the "flow" of dishes from the dining room to the DW makes a lot of sense to me. I never really thought this kitchen was big enough for double ovens, but it seems like they'd actually solve several problems. I'm off to draw up that new idea!

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