Kraus or Ruvati Kitchen Sink

JES28July 21, 2014

Does anyone have any insight on which is a better choice?
I'm looking at single basin 33" stainless 16 gauge and these seem similar in quality for the price.
Is one better than the other in terms of
High quality look and feel
Ability to keep clean and nice looking
Anything else I'm missing?

Any insight would be appreciated!

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My Kraus (32") single basin stainless 16 gauge just arrived yesterday. Bought it from eFaucets during their summer sale (add'l 5% off, no tax, free shipping).

I based my decision largely on GW reviews, which were supported by a near perfect 5-star rating on Amazon. I haven't installed it yet, but visually it meets my expectations and I was impressed by how well it was packed for shipping. (also, my son thought the towel was cool, if that helps!)

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I've had the 32" Kraus for pushing 3 years now. Love it, and the company stands behind their stuff.

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I have a 32" single bowl rectangular kitchen sink from Ruvati and I love it. Have had it for over a year. I looked at the similar sink from Kraus. The two were very comparable in quality but I liked the brushed finish on the Ruvati sink, and the price was better. Its a very heavy and well-built sink and it came with the bottom grids which is very handy.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. Dennis, can you tell me how the finish differs? Were you able to see them somewhere in person?
If one finish is nicer than the other, I would pay a little more.
What has your experience been with keeping the SS clean and free of spots and grime?
I'm able to get the Kraus for $284 including a bottom grid. Where did you get your Ruvita?

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The finish of the two were quite similar. Side-by-side the Ruvati had a more brushed finish while the Kraus was more satin. I think its personal preference. Also, both sink had the rounded inside edge (tight-radius) which I wanted because it makes it easy to keep clean, but the Kraus was too rounded for my taste. The Ruvati was a little less rounded.

Do you currently have a SS sink? SS is easy to keep clean. The bottom rinse grid prevents most of the scratches that the sink would get otherwise from daily use. Whenever I empty my sink, I lift the grid and then do a gently scrub of the whole sink with dishwashing soap and sponge and then rinse it down with water. Once a month I also use Barkeepers Friend, which makes the sink look like new!

Mine is the RVH7400 model. I got it from Amazon.

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I also have a 31 inch single bowl Kraus SS undermount. Our model is the KBU14. It was installed November of last year, as part of our remodel. I am very, very happy with it. I like the larger deeper size and compared to the single bowl 23inch, 5 inch deep steel enamel sink I had in the old kitchen this one is a dream! It has held up very well. I mostly wash dishes by hand and the bottom grid protects the sink well. Once a week I take the grid out and scrub it in the utility sink in the basement. I also give the sink a good washing with dish soap and a soft scrubby going with the grain. I comes out beautiful. The finish is a satin look, and it is a quiet sink with the 16 gauge steel.

We bought ours from Amazon and were very impressed by the way it came packaged so securely with extra strong cardboard and styrofoam packing. Showed extra care from the company. The price from Amazon was very good, better than we could get locally.

My mother has the 23inch version (KBU12) of this in her new kitchen which was done in 2012. Still looking great and she is very happy with it.

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Just put a Kraus sink in a rental house as I wanted the deeper sink. Love the sink and wish I had a single bowl in my kitchen. What I DID NOT love was that the cut out template was the wrong size. We had to cut out 1/8" from all 4 sides. What a pain! Also, the clips did not fit well underneath. However, overall, it appears to be a very nice sink.

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Thanks all! I do love having a big single basin. I've had it in the past and miss it so I have no doubts about that.
A lot of people mention ordering sinks and returning them for others. I like the idea of ordering 2 sinks, picking my favorite and returning the other but would think that would be very costly. Dennis, how much did it cost to return the Kraus?
Also, thanks for the insight on the finish and edges. Now I think I'm leaning toward the Ruviti as I also think I prefer the more satin finish.

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Amazon only charges for return shipping which came out to around $35 for me. Amazon provides you the label and then you drop it at a UPS Store.

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