Pendant in front of windows? Keep central fixture?

wolverine2July 20, 2013

We need to make some fast lighting decisions before the electrician comes. We are adding recessed cans- about 7 of them. We need to decide whether to keep the central fixture or not. Also, we have an area in our kitchen that is counter seating under two windows. I'm wondering if we should put pendants there or if it would look weird in front of the window. And our kitchen is so small, should we pick pendants or a central fixture, but not both?

This gives you an idea of the windows and our layout, except that the 18" cabinet next to the fridge is actually being moved to be next to the corner cab so the seating is right next to the fridge. And the rolling cart won't be there either. :)

These are some pendants I like, but they are 10" wide, and I wonder if that would be too big in front of the window?

I have a much harder time finding a central fixture I like.
FYI, our cabinets are IKEA Adel white, and our countertop is Costa Smeralda granite (greenish).

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I have heard to get a balloon tied with string taped to the ceiling to get an idea of the scale in your room.

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Where are the recessed lights going to be in the kitchen? And do you mean a central fixture in center of kitchen ceiling or above window?

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I don't see that counter seating being used very often as it faces away from the kitchen action and the users have to pull the seats all the way into the aisle and sit sideways to face each other. Therefore, I'd both nix the pendants there and rethink the area's function entirely. (Why isn't the cleanup sink located there?)

For the other, with enough recessed lighting placed properly, the only other lighting that is really a must is under cabinet lighting. But, it all hinges on the recessed being done correctly.

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Something tells me it's nice looking out that window. Did I guess wrong? :)

I think I'd pass on the pendants, Wolverine. The one you show is charming, but if the scale of the picture is accurate your kitchen is fairly compact and you just do not need something to keep a large volume of empty space from feeling empty, or to assist a counter that is supposed to define the division two large volumes of space in doing that job. On the contrary. At least some visually empty space amidst all the mass and clutter is a very nice thing to have.

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Rosie, I think you're right. We have a small kitchen and I think it might be too much.

I hope it will be nice looking out the window, though I live in a city so it's really just looking into my neighbor's yard. But she does have some lovely flowers. :) There is enough room for the stools to be at the counter looking out the window- the sink is not there because I really really wanted a place for two stools (there is no other seating in the kitchen and it is not open to the dining room) and this was the best place. Plus some other reasons I don't really want to get into now.

I think we may keep the central kitchen fixture just to have some variety, and put cans over the stool area. I'll focus more on a nice window treatment of some kind! I look at all these lovely big kitchens here and have to keep telling myself that I live in a condo in the city!

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what about doing a sconce or two over the stool seating area instead? It could add some nice ambient light esp. at night, and not block the windows either.

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