air switch for garbage disposal - hard to keep clean??

zarko123July 31, 2013

I didn't know there was such a thing as air switch. I am trying to get a sense of how much they are and if people like it versus the switch on the wall. Around how much would this be in chrome? A KD is quoting around $170 which surprised me (I thought this would be $50, $60) but I am clueless. The faucet will be Grohe in a chrome type finish. Since they are on the countertop, are they hard to keep clean because there's water around always or other things?

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Not in my experience, no. I've had one before, currently have a conventional wall switch, and will return to the air switch when I remodel. I think you should be able to get a good one in Chrome for well under $100.

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I have a fiber optic switch, but it's very similar to the air switch. Very easy to keep clean. I don't like the switch on the wall; it always scares me because someone could turn it on by accident looking for the light. I used to have the switch in the cab under the sink, which was inconvenient and awful, so just pressing a button on the counter is a wonderful change. Fiber optic is more expensive than air switch, and mine was less than $170. Does the $170 include installation, or is it just the switch itself and the decorative chrome flange?

You can see how much they cost on Amazon.

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I went to an air switch when we remodeled almost 2 years ago. It's one of the things I love most about the new set-up. Not the least bit hard to keep everything clean.

The InSinkErator costs approx $43 from Amazon and $60 from HD and Lowe's. It takes about 5 min. to hook up and a talented kindergartener could do it with supervision.

See it there on the right?

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DO IT!!! I've had one for 12 years and would replace it in a heartbeat if it became necessary. Cleaning is a breeze-- mine is on the granite counter adjacent to the sink. It's never dirty and the going prices are definitely cheaper than you were quoted.

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I don't find it that air switch is difficult to keep clean at all. You KD must be including a commission in that price she quoted you. There are several air switches in the link below that are less than $100. Just buy it on your own and have the plumber or electrician install it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Air switch

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I have had mine for the past 3 months. LOVE it! I was worried that our hard water would make it get spotty and crusty, but so far, so good. I just wipe it off with dish towel when I am done doing dishes.
I bought mine on Amazon for $43. It came with 3 different finished buttons--chrome, brushed nickel and rubbed. Don't pay $170!

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We put one in since our wall switch is a bit of a reach and moving it closer wasn't an option (obstructions). We installed it not too long ago but so far, we love it.

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And you don't need to buy the same brand as your faucet, either. A generic one will be just fine.

Sounds like the designer is going for the bucks!

We've had ours for 11 years. Works fine, no cleaning issues.

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We just switched from a wall switch to an air switch. So far it's great! DH just yesterday said to me "Ya know, I really like that button thingy for the disposal". High praise from him!

I got the one in Amazon for around $50, came with 3 different buttons. I did go for the slightly less expensive single button kit by Mountain something-or-other, but it went back due to poor finish quality. Much happier with this one, I think it might be the insinkerator brand.

If you need an outlet installed to make this work, that might explain the $170. You should ask, might be inclusive, might be a nice profit.

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I wonder if I may tack on a question about air switches onto this thread..... in considering that I have a special needs adolescent child I am wondering where the best place to install an airswitch would be. Although he has never messed with our current gd regular wall switch I'm not sure if I could count on that once we have an island sink. I also don't really want the switch to be too inconvenient, but safety would take priority.

Any thoughts? thanks

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Illinigirl, just putting the switch to the back corner of the sink, like pictured, will be fine. It takes some pressure to hold it down for it to work, very hard to make a mistake. I wouldn't worry about it.

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For Zarco: We've had our air switch for only a couple weeks but so far I'm loving it. It is easy to keep clean, I just wipe it down along with the rest of the countertop. We got ours at Lowe's for about $60, and that included a package with white, chrome, and satin nickel finishes. Insinkerator brand and it works fine with our Kitchen Aid disposal.

For illinigirl: I've seen air switches mounted on the front of the cabinet frame as an alternative, but that's probably not a better choice than countertop for your situation. I don't see why it couldn't be placed inside the sink base cabinet, or even in the flip-out tray in front of the sink, if that would help. Definitely something you should discuss with your GC and/or plumber. I believe there is plenty of flexibility, just need to think outside the box. Good luck!

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We have a batch feed Insinkerator and it works great. You turn it on by putting the stopper into the drain hole and turning it. No extra holes in your granite.

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Do you have to hold the switch on the entire time or do you push it once to turn on and again to turn off?

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One press to turn on. Press again to turn off.

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