Which cabs should be glass?

beepsJuly 22, 2012

If I decide to get two glass cabs I'm thinking the two cabs closest to the dining area should be the ones that become glass. I do have some nice stuff to put in them - crystal candy dishes, vases, some glass and things like that rather than dishes. Will that look ok? Does that change which cabs should have the glass doors? And, will that be OK in a contemporary-ish kitchen? Thanks in advance.

Schematic of kitchen:

Pictures of kitchen in model:

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I've been musing about this for a while. I'm not sure I like the idea of just two glass uppers off to the left like that, but I'm not sure why. Perhaps I worry about a loss of symmetry? Hopefully with this bump up others will chime in with their views.

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:) Thanks sochi. I'm not sure I like it either. But I can't figure out what I would like. I was thinking since it would be decorative it should face the living area rather than hide behind the refrigerator. And that out there on the end I wouldn't use it much anyway. But, it does throw the balance off.

Maybe I'll see if I can just get the built-in fridge cabinetry without having to get the decorator package which has the 2 glass doors included. The package also has 4" crown molding included which seems a bit much given that I won't have any anywhere else in the house.

And thanks for the bump. =) Let me know if you have any further thoughts on the matter! :)

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You know, I just don't see it in this kitchen. I looked before and mused on it. And came back to it to see how I felt a 2nd time. The only place I can really see it would be for the cabinets facing the island at the end, and it just feels forced. It feels like you have a kitchen checklist that says, "must have glass fronted cabinets" in the layout. Maybe ask the builders if someone has done that upgrade in that house plan and if there are any pictures. Any chance that they would substitute something else in lieu of the glass doors? Usually not, but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Thanks for thinking about it both of you, and for your honest opinions. I really appreciate that. It sounds like none of us are sold on glass fronted cabs.

Only one house has been completed so far, but the owner is a designer so maybe she did it. Good idea to ask.

I think I will also see if the builder will do the recycle bin for me instead, or some of the bottom drawers, or something. Likely not, because this builder is a bit of a pain and... well, so have I been! :)

I'll probably just see if I can get the built-in fridge cabinet a la carte. Seems like the best idea maybe.

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I think the sameness is crucial to the design.

Will the bottom cabs all have pull-outs? I think they're really pushing form over function on the bottom. I'm not sure I could deal with opening all those cabinets every day.

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Thanks May. The bottoms would all have roll-outs but I am going to see about switching some of them over to drawers. With your comment about sameness maybe I need to switch them all over? (Except the ones in the islands because they face into the kitchen?)

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I would consider it. Several people on here have all drawers for their base cabs and are very happy with them. I think it would look nice too.

I would be concerned that the top drawers aren't deep enough to be useful, unless these are custom and you can specify your drawer depths.

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How about glass on the farthest to the left two cabs and the farthest to the right to cabs on the long run?

Or maybe just the cabs on the shorter run?

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I've been thinking about how it might look on the cabs on the shorter run too. They will be pretty much hidden by the fridge but will be able to be seen in the kitchen and dining area. But, I guess I should be thinking about this not only from the perspective of seeing the pretty things inside, but also from the point of view of breaking up all the dark cabs. I'm not sure if the corner cab is a lazy susan or not so that will make a difference too. Need to find that out.

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From the looks of the kitchen pictured, you don't have a lazy susan. It looks that the cabinets are at right angles, so those are blind cabinets at top and at the bottom. Maybe they do the layout differently than show in the picture though. I had thought about the windows over by the fridge, but didn't really like that look since it would be either the two doors nearest the fridge or two doors nearest the corner - the glass nearest the fridge means that it is likely that it will draw even more attention to the fridge. And the glass nearest the corner seems like it might be a bit off - that it will be unbalanced. I assume that you are going to put some decorative items on top of the cabinets, and if so, that will help to break things up a bit.

Oh, and if you can, see if they will put a board at the top of the cabinets that will make the whole area flat and level - easier for cleaning and easier for decorating. The board wouldn't show because it would nestle below the crown molding.

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Can you change the cabs so that instead of a double on the outside edge you have a single door glass cab? A single glass cab on each side (by the table & by the fridge) would look great imo.

And it would have the added advantage of giving you a single to the left of the range also, which you could then have opening out from the range for your spices and oils, instead of the cabinet door opening into the range hood.

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That's a great idea about the board at the top of the crown over the cabs andreak100! I don't have that here, but I'm in earthquake country now and it gives me a false sense of security having things sit slightly below the crown moulding. =) Agree that it looks like the cabs are at right angles. This builder is sparing no expense. ;)

Oh... I see what you mean taggie. Good thought. I'll have to ask about that. And you think that would look good and balanced and all that? I had thought about putting the glass on the ends like that, but not about that meaning the cabs would change. I gave the builder a clue today I was making some changes in the kitchen cabs with wanting drawers on the bottom. He didn't lose it on me. Maybe they would be willing to change the cabs too.

Thanks again for the helpful input. =)

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Hi beebs, yes I think it would look good like that. A single glass cab on the end would look nicely proportional, not to 'glass-heavy' at the end of the run which is what I think gave you pause to begin with. I don't think you even need to balance it with glass at the other end if you don't want to, but a glass cab to store pretty wine glasses by the fridge would look great so I'd do both if I could.

Good luck whatever you decide. It looks like a wonderful kitchen!!

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Thanks Taggie. And... what is your BS? I just saw your kitchen on another thread. It is very pretty and I was really drawn to your BS. Thanks!

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Thanks beeps! I copied it directly from Thynes' lovely kitchen and I'm glad of the chance to post the link to it again, their kitchen is so beautiful.

If you scroll down to the post dated "Thu, Oct 20, 11 at 19:17" there is some good detail on the backsplash and a direct link to the source at Saltillo Imports (they have locations in Indianapolis, Toronto, and Ottawa and will ship samples).

Here is a link that might be useful: Thynes' Finished Kitchen

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