Kitchen Remodel/Mudroom Addition

PinterestingJuly 6, 2012

Hi, I happened on this site by accident and am thrilled. I am remodeling my kitchen and adding on some mudroom space another garage and a porch. I loved the ideas you all offered to others remodeling their spaces so I thought I would see if some of you could see things that don't occur to me since I live in the space and am sort of blinded by how I use it etc. This drawing is one that I like because of how it uses the space. I would love a banquette, and am thinking of seating in the sort of octagon area or on the backside of the island. Or maybe you can see a place for it that I can't. The dining room is tooooo small for a dining room, 5 people crowds it. But it was a solid wall where I have the ? mark and I'm thinking of opening the wall up with an arch over it and maybe different cabinets. So I would like to be able to stretch a table out to sit 8-10 for family occasions. The fireplace is new to the kitchen, which is always 10 degrees colder than the rest of the house. It is an antique double-mantle that I fell in love with at an architectural salvage place. If I leave the fridg on the wall it's on, I can bump into the garage so it doesn't stick out so far, or am thinking of a 48" counter depth if not. The mudroom space is also flexible. I've been drawing this up for three years, with every wall combination, but I feel like there are things I'm overlooking. Hope you enjoy.

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Pin- I know what you mean about redrawing a plan with every possible combination :)

Here's the plan, turned 90 it's easier for everyone to read. I think you'll get more responses this way.

From Cottage house plans

If it were me, I'd put a couple of chairs and maybe an ottoman, in the little 'bay area' to the left and below the island...maybe another comfy chair or two by the fireplace. Then, I'd move the dining table to the area with the taller, cathedral ceiling (at the bottom of the kitchen).

This would make a great dining area, open to the kitchen but the cathedral ceiling would give it some distinction. When you need to expand the table, you can extend it towards the fireplace. Maybe even use a few of your 'comfy chairs' for extra seating.

Depending on the style of your kitchen, a smaller wingback chair would be a comfortable choice, but still small enough to use for host/hostess seating for the dining table.

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Sophie Wheeler

What is the weird space between the cathedral ceilinged breakfast area and kitchen and why is the breakfast area more formal and fancier than the still too small dining room?

A corner sink is a big mistake in a larger kitchen and the entire layout really needs revising.

Why are you adding on another large garage space and a rat's maze to get out of it into the actual living space? It's placement seems odd.

Overall, it's 250K of awkwardly used space. You're getting square footage, but the square footage isn't allotted well and the individual components have awkward layouts and limitations.

Post the original layout as a grid spaced dimensional floorplan drawing and list any constraints to adding on such as setbacks or large trees that need to stay. Then list your actual goals for the home. That may involve adding on space or not, but prioritizing your needs and wants will go a long way towards clarifying your thinking here.

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Lavender Lass--thank you for sharing your thoughts! I've had some of these myself and it's nice to know someone else sees what I've been thinking about. Esp the comfy chairs up to the table! I love that!

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Glad to help...I know what a 'challenge' it can be, trying to remodel an existing home. It's such a balance to keep what you like and add what you need!

Have you ever thought about a prep sink, on the island? With the fridge and range next to each other, it would be nice to have a prep sink across from the you a work triangle...and still having the other sink for your clean up area.

Also, I really like your fireplaces. One in the kitchen, one in the living room...and one on the porch! That's going to be nice :)

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