Please help me choose paint color

lafaciaJuly 10, 2013

Trying to choose between Ethereal Mood (top) or Sandy Hook Gray (bottom) for kitchen walls... I know...they look the same... Thoughts???
Island is the grey green color and rest of cabinets are the white (simply white)...

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Pretty colors. Both look exactly like the cabinet on my monitor so cant say which is the better choice. Another option would be to pull a taupe color from the tile for a little contrast. Is the gray color unfinished drywall? Thats another possible direction.

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Holly- Kay

Ethereal Mood is my favorite as it seems just a tad lighter. Sandy Hook Gray has a bit of a muddy look but still a nice selection.

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Sophie Wheeler

Too matchy matchy. Do something with more of a difference in tone or value. I think the idea to pull some of the taupey colors from the marble is spot on.

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Maybe take both colors and have samples made up - but take it a little darker, so you have the same tone but more contrast?

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Before I vote...Is the picture upside-up? I can't make sense of where all the hands are coming from, but the blue shirt person on the left definitely looks upside down. So is Sandy Hook Gray at the bottom as currently displayed, or at the bottom if the pic were inverted?

I prefer the darker paint, because it offers slightly more contrast with the cabs (on my monitor, anyway), but I agree with hollysprings that both are too matchy-matchy. I'd go darker yet--I think if you try to go lighter you'll get stuck in the murky territory between the two cab colors.

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Thanks! I do have a taupe paint swatched on another part of the wall. Will look at it again as I had originally wanted to pull that color out but got kind of sidetracked by the greys. I kind of like the tone on tone look too though. Some call it matchy and some tone on tone ; ) It's soothing to me and my contrast comes from white cabinets and dark floor. Yes, I think it must be upside down for some people. Marble sample should be at the top of photo. I won't have much wall paint. More white cabinets than wall paint.

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Is greige the same as taupe? I have to decide on this color tomorrow. Ugh.

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The marble looks really pretty with it all. I love a pale and monochromatic look too. I'd do the lighter bottom one, especially since you say there's not much wall space.

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If there is not that much wall space I would go with more of a contrast to the island and go with the darker. I like both as shown on my monitor and think the kitchen is going to look wonderful!

Keep us posted!

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