Picking my walnut veneers tomorrow - what should I look for?

thedorkJuly 17, 2013

I am going with the cabinet maker to pick my walnut veneers tomorrow. I am not sure what should I look for - consistency, how thick the veneer is, same batch?

Please share your experiences and thoughts - thank you!

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Why are you picking it? That's the cabinet makers job and subject to his judgement about the quality. Now, if he's just asking for your input as to the grain pattern, that's a personal style judgement as what you want the cabinets to look like.

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I went with my cabinet maker to select the veneers too and I found it quite helpful and enjoyable. He had pre-selected what he thought were good high quality veneers and then he showed them to me to see my reaction on grain patterns (heavy, subtle, etc). It really made me confident about my choice. As GreenDesigns says, it's really a matter of selecting your personal style.

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Thank you both!

Laura: Do you remember how thick your veneer was? The standard is 0.5mm but they can do 1.5-2mm? Thanks!

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I don't remember. But Steve would probably know. I think we went with the thicker one.

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