Need quick answer -please!!

boone_2009July 3, 2013

FYI I live in California.

I am meeting a fabricator/installer this morning whom I am considering for installation of my Silestone countertop, He has a D12 license which is for "synthetic materials".

A previous installer whom I had all but hired but couldn't because of scheduling problems, has a C54 license - which in addition to tile includes all stone - granite, quartz, etc.

I am wondering if it is important I choose the C54 over the D12 license.. because synthetic materials include Corian, Formica etc. and I don't know how much they differ from stone/quartz when it comes to fabrication and installation.

However, Silestone is an engineered quartz - *but* it is 94 percent ( or around that, I forget now) natural quartz.

Should I go with the D12 license at all?

I'm sorry for the rush but I have to finalize the countertop installation very soon and am having doubts now regarding the license! ( yep, crazy, I know).

Please, please advise asap!!

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Not sure about the license issue. I'd be more concerned about what their actual work looks like, not some piece of paper.

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Must be a CA thing for different business types. There is no national certification program that "licenses" fabricators, other than the schools that the manufacturers themselves put on.

I'd also HAVE to view their past work in person. There is no getting around doing that.

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gpraceman and GreenDesigns: Thank you both for your help. I read your responses only now after I came back from the meeting; however, I did ask for references and also asked to see his recent work, before I commit to anything. :-)

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