Does anyone have 'Spice Drawers' or small cubbies?

linnea56July 7, 2009

A few years back when remodeling I looked at what the cabinet people called a "Spice Drawer" unit. It was a frame with small square cubbies, available with either open (no drawers), small baskets or wood drawers. Though they are called "Spice Drawers" I doubt anyone would use it for spices, itÂs just a catchy name. I opted against it at the time but now am considering it for a library room. I would use it vertically, rather than horizontally, with no drawers, to hold CDs and very small art objects like miniature teapots. The commercial CD cabinets I have found are too wide to fit my space, which is a max of 6 ½".

I am wonder who has one and likes it, and what you found it useful (or not useful) for. Or if you found any similar small-cubby unit.


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I should say that when I google searched this, all I came up with were ordinary drawers that people stored their spice bottles in! So maybe it is no longer available, or goes by another name. So if anyone has an idea of what to use for this purpose, please chime in. In essence, it would be a very skinny bookcase, width 6 ½ or a little under; Height ideally 42" or I could stack several shorter units. They would be sandwiched between other bookcases so stability would not be an issue. I thought of a wine rack but have not found anything that narrow.

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When I was shopping I saw many lines, including the families that included the Crystal and Woodmode lines (you know, all the many product lines that are sold along with those lines), that included a vertical wine cubby/spice cubby option.

Or something that the company was willing to adapt very easily by removing a door, or adding a couple of little shelves to an open tray storage cupboard.

It's not 61/2, more like, oh, 5? But I think they came in a variety of heights.

I ended up having mine custom made, but I think what you're talking about is pretty much what I'm now storing my spices in now. And the look was not substantially different.

"Drawer" to me says something that pulls out. Or is that what you want?

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Go to your local cabinet dealer or Lowes or Home Depot in the kitchen dept. All cabinet lines have them, call them spice drawers, wine cubbies or just cubbies. They are very cute, standard sizes are 6" W. x 30", 36" 42" H ...
It should work out fine for your need.

Here is a link that might be useful: granite countertops

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IKEA may be too wide. There are several configurations.

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA organizers (spice/wine)

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