If you like your kitchen windows, what is brand and model?

elphaba_gwJuly 1, 2013

Do you like your window over your sink? I need to make a decision about windows soon. I have followed the reveals here enough to see the windows that are lower down to the counter and I like them. I have also noticed many windows that are "picture windows" and others that are casement and others double hung. Our house is 78 years old and at least from the outside, it has the look of a cottage. On the inside, the recent interior decorating we have done is all in contemporary/modern style with a few vintage furniture pieces here and there. I realize I have violated the rule of not having interior be a reflection of exterior and seem to continue violating that rule so I'm through worrying about it.

Our kitchen will be Ikea. Footprint is 13 X 14 ft that includes an island with a prep sink, cabinets on two walls, 3rd wall is a cleanup sink with open shelves beneath (correction: make that "on the sides of") windows and 4th wall was just removed to open kitchen to dining room. See below for a diagram.

I am at a point where I need to be VERY precise about the windows and I'm having trouble. Of course it would be nice if price is budget priced but I don't want to sacrifice too much "form" to save value. I'm thinking three vinyl casement windows in a row with studs between. The view is not that great now because our lot is narrow and we see neighbors trees planted on the fence line but I hope to have some bougainvillea pot plants attached outside and viewable inside. Can anyone recommend a brand or particular window model number?

At this stage, details are somewhat open - size range could be 6 to 7 ft wide and whatever the height of a standard casement window is. Thoughts?

Here's a post by oldbat2be a while back of windows that would be great. oldbat2be, if you are listening, I would love to know what are dimensions and model and any other specs that you can easily provide for your lovely windows. Do they come without mullions? Since we don't have those on other windows, I'm not sure I want them here but do like their look.

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This is the best picture I have. It is Marvin Integrity Wood Ultrex wood inside/fiberglass outside. They are casements opening left and right. The center trim piece is fixed. Marvin Ultimate makes a large casement which is a French door style creating a very large opening.

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I have an Anderson 400 casement, bay window. It's white vinyl outside with wood interior. The center window does not open.

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Here's ours. Don't recall the model but they are Andersen. Center window is fixed. Outside windows have screens (removed for this photo). The mullions are removable. I believe when we ordered this we could choose the number of lites or have just plain. The entire unit is approximately 6'.

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I have Pella wood clad casement on my windows- kitchen window is plain- cause its small but all the other windows have mullions- not removable it is the Pella Architect series from 10 yrs ago. Hard to see in this pic cause of the shuters

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A shot of other kitchen window with mullions that are not detachable....

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dilly_ny - do you still like your bay window? If you did your kitchen over again, would you put in the same window? I like it but I think the expense may be more than I'm budgeted for.

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Elphaba - I love the window. I love that I have a nice big space for plants. I actually have a huge vase of flowers there most of the time.

I've only had the window a year and yes, I would do it again. For me, the window was a compromise because I couldn't do a 6ft window like Nhbaskets, but I wanted an oversized window.

The window has removeable grills, optional.

Note that Pella offer an option to get blinds in the window, between the two panes of glass. If privacy is an issue, its a nice option. My Mom has that.

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I splurged on the window over the sink in the place I'm moving into soon. It's a Marvin ultimate awning window: a single pane of glass 6' wide by 4' tall, hinged at the top. I splurged even more and got it made in cherry, to match my cabinets. I think it is going to look very nice, but since the wood isn't varnished yet and the countertops aren't in (Monday, I hope), it's hard to know for sure.

I'll try to post a picture in a day or two.

edit: fixed the link

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dilly_ny - I know this is an older thread but if you see this, do you know how wide your Andersen bay window is over the sink? Thanks. Great (and helpful!) thread!

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I bought about a zillion windows for our recent renovation/addition (including kitchen) and I chose Marvin Integrity based on recommendations in the Windows forum here and other places. They are fiberglass exterior and wood (painted) interior. We've only had them a few months, but so far, I've liked them. The builder had never seen them before, but they seemed to like them. The other option I looked at was Jeld Wen aluminum-clad (with painted wood interior), and although my builder was familiar with those ones (his go-to window), I thought the Marvin Integrity were better, and the fiberglass has a lot going for it. There are many "levels" of each manufacturer, so be sure to look at specific lines/levels to know what you get with each manufacturer for a given price. I think my windows averaged about $500 each, more for the largest and most complex.

You can get any size/style you like. They have zillions of standard sizes. I went with mostly double hung but a few casement and awnings as well. I'd go with casement or DH above your sinks -- consider screen (inside vs outside the glass) and ease of opening (reach up to middle of window for DH . . . or just to the bottom sill for casement) . . . as well as looks.

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