Location of cabinet handles on drawers?

hrumorJuly 23, 2013

We decided to use knobs on the upper and pulls on the lower cabinets. The cabinet doors are shaker style but we kept the drawers flat front. The drawer sizes vary from regular to medium deep to extra deep (i.e. underneath the cooktop).

The pulls are Rusticware Modern Round in brushed stainless (both 9" and 11" depending on the cabinet size).
>>> see link below - I could not figure out how to make the pic appear in the post, sorry!

So, I'm curious: where would you install the handles on the drawers?

a) centered in the middle of the drawer
b) towards the top of the drawer

Feel free to share pics, if you'd like. Thanks in advance for your input!

Here is a link that might be useful: Rusticware pulls

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I'll be having the same dilemma in a few weeks. I plan to put all my pulls horizontal, and I have a few doors on base cabs (sink, trash pull-out, angled corner). I'll also have slab fronts on my smaller drawers. I'm leaning toward placing pulls toward the top, so the ones on the doors will be in line with the ones on the drawers.

When we were playing around with door pull orientation before our old cabinets were torn out (we didn't have hardware before), I use double-sided tape to stick them to the door. They didn't stick forever (the pulls are heavy), but it helped us get an idea of how they looked. But I'm not sure I'll want to do that to my brand new cabinets.

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I like the look of slab drawers with shaker doors. I prefer the drawer pulls the same distance from the top of each. The smaller drawers at the top may have them placed in the vertical middle, then use the same distance down for the remaining drawers. JMO. Experiment with a contrasting tape and decide which look you prefer.

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@annkh - lining up the door handles with the ones on the drawers is another good option. We tried taping them down using painter's tape but it never lasted long enough to get a good look (or pic for that matter) haha

@linelle - I haven't thought of that method before and will give it a try tonight.


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Nothing to add about placement specifics but when we were playing around with this we used that stuff called (I think) museum putty to keep the pulls in place. It really helped to be able to look at the placement for a longer period of time.

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The 1/3 2/3 division works well which is to say, 2" down on the 6" drawer and 4" down on the 12" drawers. You could also center the 6" drawers and do 3" down to match the distance from the top for the 6" drawers. What really doesn't look right is centering the pulls on the bigger drawers.

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I'm trying to decide how to place pulls as well, with the same style cabinet. I'm hoping someone posts pictures of linelle's and GreenDesign's placement idea. I just assumed I would center all the pulls, and now I'm not so sure ...

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I have both slab and 5 piece drawers and chose to put my pulls all near the top of the drawers. Even though my lower drawers are 5 piece, I am posting a picture to help you visualize the upper placement. The pulls are about 1 inch from the top. There are lots of previous posts and pictures on past posts. You should be able to find them if you do a google search with the terms pull placement and gradenweb included in your search box.

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Since when doesn't centering pulls look right? I think that's what I've been more accustomed to seeing. Off center would strike me as something that's being done more currently than in the past. It's taken me a bit of getting used to seeing.

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Here's our centered pulls on all size drawers.

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This is an example of what GreenDesigns (I think) and I are talking about.

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modern life interiors


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Not great pics but here are mine on shaker cabinets all horizontal

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Wow this is so interesting. All the details you need to think about. I am going to have the same set up. Shaker doors slab drawers. Interesting to have all horizontal pulls even on uppers fsteph, I always assumed I would use knobs on my uppers. Do you find them difficult to open/get your fingers caught when they swing to the side at all?

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hi Kam76, no they are super easy to open and I've never had my fingers get caught in them. I really love how they look horizontally with the lines of the kitchen.

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I did something a little different on mine...not on the rail, and not in the middle, (except for the slabs) It just felt comfortable there.

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I love this post as it shows anything goes and is right if it looks right to the person installing the hardware on the drawers. Thank you for sharing.

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what kind of pulls are those. I've been looking for cabinet pulls for our kitchen remodel Those are exactly what I've been looking for.

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Ditto bhebrrt!

Just saw this thread, very interesting. And I love ctycdm's pulls. Anxious to see where they came from!

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Thanks, I love them as well! They are Rocky Mountain Hardware "sash pulls" in Silicon Bronze.They also feel as good a they look, and after eight months, the more used pulls are developing a beautiful soft patina since it is a living finish.
The larger refrigerator pulls are from the door hardware section under "grips and pulls"

Here is a link that might be useful: Fine hardware

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Holy cow, those are perfect, ctycdm. Do you have a thread where your kitchen is shown?

I've been on hiatus for a while and obviously missed a great deal. I searched your username in GWs search but nothing came up. (Your kitchen)
Love it, I want to see that brick!

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