Any feedback on my kitchen plans would be appreciated!

cam349July 10, 2012

Here is the current cabinet plan and layout for my new kitchen. Any suggestions?

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As you can see I'm trying to have both framed and frameless cabinets like in this picture:

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i don't have a lot of time, but one thing, why wouldn't you position the dishwasher directly next to the sink, as opposed to breaking up what could be some nice symmetry in your hutch?
what else is planned for the space next to your wall ovens? i think they are a bit out of the way of everything else, unless you're somehow intending to work out a plan for zones, which i don't see either.
are you planning two sets of washer/dryers in your laundry?
looks like a nice space. is it for a new build or a reno?

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This is stage 2 of an extensive reno. For this stage we're pushing out 2 kitchen walls 6' each and turning the existing breakfast area into a mudroom with a new entrance off the driveway. The laundry/pantry is space we took from a landing to the left of the stairs going down into the family room surprisingly the family room looks larger after the reno :)

I got the idea for the dishwasher in the hutch from
I don't think I'll be painting mine red, but I love the idea of having the dishwasher up 6" higher so I don't have to bend so far down (we're a family of tall people). All the dishes are them stored in the hutch. I do have room to make it wider, but the symmetry seems okay in the inspiration pics.

The wall oven is out of the way, but the M/W is also a convection so unless I'm cooking a turkey I'll be using the small oven on the south wall.

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by zones? The far right of the south wall has a small pantry (laundry room/panty is for overflow and large items), then the fridge followed by the cooking/prep areas and prep sink (in the 4x7 foot island), and last is the main sink and dishwasher hutch on the east wall.

The space to the right of the oven on the north wall is being left open for a free standing piece of furniture.

As for the laundry: I can't decide what would work best - stack laundry with shallow shelves around or side by side with deep shelves above and shallow shelves around the remaining walls.

Here's the pics of the hutch:


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The cabinet does two things. It replaces the "resting" counter beside the sink for stuff waiting to be cleaned or drying or waiting for the dw to finish or being parked for a minute or two on its way from the dw to where ever the item lives. The other thing it does is get the taller cabinet away from your elbows when using the sink.

I think i would try the elevation with the narrow cabinets beside the cooktop with the big drawer at the top. And also maybe try them as two big drawers. Or maybe one of each to breakup the regimentation. But do what's pleasant for you as I realize one person's regimented is another person's pleasing symmetry.

Ref door meets glass cabinet door under inauspicious circumstances. Hopefully, they'll stand together as partners, but its likely they'll break up at the first fight.

Maybe plan on starting with a 1.5 inch filler for the uppers on the south wall at the intersection with the sink wall, then use a framed but open cabinet for a total of 3" of slack for the microwave door so it didn't constantly bang the wall. I find it really hard to reach back to the wall in a corner anyway, so the tiny loss of space I can't reach wouldn't bother me at all.

I wanted to say that overall - this is just so much better than the last one.

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ahhh, i see now. i like that the dishwasher would sit up a bit. i'm not that tall but still would be helpful to have it elevated.

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