Help! Do I need spacers for American Olean 3x6 subway tiles?

jlaasp6July 1, 2013

I have American Olean 3x6 white subway tiles I'm going to use in the kitchen for the backsplash. The tiles have a continuous rim around the base of the tile and leaves a small gap (not the little nubs on some brands) when butted together, it is just the look I want. Do I need spacers or can I just butt them up to each other? I can't seem to find a definitive answer anywhere as to if I can butt them up together or if I need to use a spacer....I added a picture of the tile I's the tile on the far right.

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I used these same exact tiles in my bath. I found the built in spaces to be inconsistent, so I did use spacers for them to be safe and am very happy I did.

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We used the same tile for our kitchen backsplash. Please use the spacers (check to see what is recommended grout line and get spacers that size). if you want a uniform look, then choose a grout color that best blends with the tiles.

Our contractor does alot of tile work and as good as he is, he said that even the slightest variance in a linear placement can affect the straight line. He always uses them, even with 30 years experience of doing tile work.

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Thank you so much Kali615 and chicgeek!! I guess it will be more work, but it will be worth it for it to look good...

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Late to this, but wanted to second using the spacers. We used the same tiles and had to totally redo our bs due to slight variances (and crooked walls)! The second time around, spacers did the trick. Good luck!

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Just to be contrary...I used very similar tiles (think they were Datile) without spacers, white grout, and the backsplash came out great. I'm suppose for the best consistency, spacers would help, but then the final result depends on your skill and prep as much as anything.

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