Scratched Countertops

Jeremy DuboysJuly 11, 2014

So unfortunately after installing new countertops one of my contractors subs placed some very heavy glass shelves and some other powertools etc on my countertops which caused quite a bit of scratching. The scratches are not especially deep, but my contractor has agreed to either have them buffed out at his expense or give me a credit for the job. I am not exactly sure what I am going to do, but I would like to know approximately how much clearing up these scratches would cost if I choose to do it myself in the future. I have attached some pictures that show where on the Island and counter the scratches are. The blue painters tape is placed above the scratches. If anyone can help give me a general idea of how much this would cost to buff out I would be extremely appreciative.

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Jeremy Duboys

Here is one more pic of the scratches on a different counter

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If you can buff it out yourself, there are no financial damages. Try that first if you want and if it isn't fixed to your satisfaction, get a professional stone man in and forward him the bill to pay.

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Can you actually photograph the scratches? All anyone can see there is blue tape.

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Jeremy Duboys

Unfortunately I am not comfortable buffing them out myself.

Also the scratches will not show up in a photograph, they are all relatively light, I just used the painters tape to illustrate where they were. They also are obviously not as wide as the tape, the width is probably the same width as the sharp edge of a knife.

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I thought you meant you were thinking of fixing it yourself. You need to get local pricing for the work as there are regional differences and no one can really see the extent of the damages online. Just have it done and forward him the bill to pay. Or let him take care of everything on his end.

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Those counters look like superwhite or dolomitic marble, right? If I were you, I would get a small tub of marble polishing powder and see if any of the smaller scratches buff out easily with the powder and a rag. There are several brands of powder out there and it looks like they cost anywhere from $30-50 a tub. If the scratches come out easily, then take the credit from the contractor. If not, then get an estimate from a fabricator on how much it would cost to have the counters repolished.

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Unfortunately, those won't be the first scratches that your counters will have, as marble is soft. Perhaps since they are light enough to not even be able to be photographed, you could polish them out yourself. It's something you might want to become familiar with, and getting the products on hand now is a good investment. If you cannot buff them out, then of course professional buffing at your contractor's expense is called for.

Or, you could look at the scratches as the first signs of the patina to come and just leave them be.

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I would let the contractor fix them and use that as an oppurtunity to watch & learn how to repair possible future scratches.

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Expect to pay $250-$300.00 to have the scratches removed.

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The counters are beautiful but since they were just installed, I would let the contractor fix them. Please update us if they were able to be fixed. I love your choices in your kitchen with your beautiful cabinets, hardware, counters and backsplash!

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Jeremy Duboys

Thanks for the estimate. If $250 - $300 would be around the price then I think I am going to take the credit as it doesn't bother me all that much.

Also Live_wire, the counters are not Marble, they are technically (maybe) quartzite which in theory if labeled correctly is supposed to be harder than granite. The problem is glass will scratch it which is what happened here. I have a smaller piece from the same slab that I have tested and tried to scratch with keys, knives, etc, and it won't scratch.

Lynn, thanks for the comments, we are very happy with the result. I am hoping to post a kitchen reveal soon, but haven't had the time to clean everything up.

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