Installing base cabinets - plywood, cement or wood boards?

boone_2009July 25, 2013

Hi everyone,

I wished to get your experienced input on this before our cabinets are installed.

We have concrete slab under the demo-ed base cabs. Should we fill the hollow with cement and then put in the cabs, or use plywood or just go by what our installer said he usually does, which is mount cabs t on wood boards placed across?

Is there any best way? If so, why?

The cement and plywood will be an extra charge.


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I need some advice on this asap as the cabs go in next week and with the weekend coming up I know there won't be too many responders reading the forum then. :-(
By the "hollows", I mean the spaces previously occupied by the demo-ed base cabs. Everywhere else we have floor tile that remains as is.

Please? Someone?


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How thick is the floor tile? And are your new cabinets going back in exactly the same place as the old ones?

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ctycdm: Yes, our cabinets are going back exactly in the same place as the old one - keeping the same footprint of our old kitchen.
The tiles are porcelain 14 by 14 - approx. 3/8th inch thick.

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