Soapstone-like laminate

denise142July 21, 2014

I've been lurking for months, trying to get ideas for a soon-to-be done kitchen renovation. We've been changing our ideas daily, it seems, and are now decided on a minor renovation (painting cupboards, new counters, backsplash and hardware) instead of the complete gut we were originally contemplating.

We'll be painting our 60 year old cabinets Cloud White (currently painted a deep off-white) and are looking at either soapstone ($$$) or laminate that looks like soapstone.

There are many great posts about the use of Wilsonart's Oiled Soapstone or Black Alicante or Formica's Jet Sequoia. But I don't like the samples I've received.

Wilsonart will only send samples in a flat, textureless finish. Oiled Soapstone and Black Alicante are available in something called an Antique finish, which does apparently have some texture, but they won't send samples with that finish. Does anyone who has either of these products have the Antique finish, and if so, do you like it. Comments, please!

The Formica Jet Sequoia only comes in an etchings finish, which from the sample I have, looks too glossy.

There are so many great comments about honed or leathered Jet Mist, which seems like it would be perfect, too, but it doesn't seem to be available in my neck of the woods (Waterloo, Ontario).

Comments or suggestions about these or other soapstone-like countertops would really be appreciated

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I have some dark sample chips of Formica and another Laminate, not sure if it was Wilsonart though. Some did have the texture on them. I believe you can purchase larger samples.
I will have to go over to the other house and see if I still have them tucked in a drawer.
I did order the free mini ones based on Soapstone like looks.
I'll let you know this evening.

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I do like that Alicante Black laminate I've seen in some renos on here. Not familiar with the finish you mention.

Also, check out Corian Warm Soapstone (one of the Martha Stewart colors only available from Home Depot) and Corian Medea. Quite a bit nicer are more durable than laminate, though you may find the price is comparable to what you originally are looking at (Soapstone). But it can't hurt to check it out--I'd order the larger samples from the website--it make a big difference.

Good luck.

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Have you looked at Soapstone Sequoia made by Formica? It looks like unoiled soapstone. It has some texture to it and it's not extremely shiny.

The best example that I could find of what it looks like installed is in the blog link below. The pictures of the remodeled kitchen are about half way down the page.

Here is a link that might be useful: Soapstone Sequoia Formica Counters in Scott and Allie's Kitchen

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Bargain Outlet carries the Soapstone Sequoia. There are some of these stores in the Buffalo, NY area, which looks like it would be about a 2 hour drive for you. Their preformed straight run countertops are reasonably priced.

If you decide to make the drive, I'd recommend calling ahead as the Bargain Outlet stores in my area have been dropping like flies. : ( I'd want to know that #1, they're still open, and #2, that they'd have what you are looking for in stock.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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If you go to, she has a photo of marble laminate, which looks beautiful in the photos. Ana White is an Alaskan mother who makes furniture. She was building her mom's house, and used laminate that looked like marble. I'm sure you can google that. Great option. Looked amazing!

Definitely, some old wood cabinets were made with such quality wood, something you can never get these days. My sister in law had LOVELY wood cabinets, 50+ years old. She just got a new kitchen and they removed all of them. I LOVED her cabinets. The contractor told them that he couldn't find new hinges. Can you believe that???? Remove quality cabinets because of hinges?????

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Well didn't go over last night but did today.
I have 3 samples all Formica, all blacks.
But I have to run to a meeting.
I'll be back.

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I have Black Alicante in a flat finish. I was unaware of any other finish. I did not like some of the textured finishes, particularly when the light hit them; all you could see was the texture, not the countertop pattern. I thought the Oiled Soapstone was nice but a bit too purple-y for me. I love my counters! I have had them now for about two months.

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Have you seen Formica's Baltic Slate? I am using that in our laundry areas in the "honed" finish. Check it out.

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Okay I have Basalt Slate in Honed. It has a slight, very slight bumpy feel.
Midnight Stone in Matte. Completely smooth.
Lava Flow in Etchings, barely felt, tiny little, denty scratches.
I actually like the feel of the Lava over the other two.
But the Slate is definitely more soapstone like.

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I'll also vote for the formica soapstone sequoia. Formica will send a large sample (like 12"x12") for no charge, and it comes quickly. The soapstone sequoia is the honed finish which is not glossy and has a texture. I got their travertine silver in the same honed finish and I'm really happy with it. I rather preferred the pattern of the soapstone sequoia but it was a little dark for my kitchen. Anyway, I'd highly recommend looking at the soapstone sequoia. It's nice.

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