Filtered Hot and Cold Hot Water Undercounter systems

northbeachsfJuly 22, 2014

I have read the old threads about filtered systems and looking for more recent reviews about a system that has:
+ instant hot dispenser
+ cold chiller systems
+ filter.

We have ordered a Miele fridge and it does not have a water dispenser. I am also not that interested in a whole house filter.

The only product I have seen that is fairly extensive has one (single, solo, uno) bad review: Everpure Helia Instant Hot Water & Water Chiller
It is expensive at that ($1.2K).

I am thinking of doing some combo of the following:
+ Multi-Pure Filter (Good Consumer Rep.)
+ InSinkErator Hot Water Tank and Filtration System (Reviews are mixed)
+ Water Chillers (No single brand has great reviews and read that they are noisy)

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Fori is not pleased

I used the ISE filter/hot/cold(not chilled) and it was good. OUr water doesn't taste bad so I don't know how good the filter is, but the hot was very nice. I had an issue after installation (GC was an idiot) and customer service was really good and didn't just keep bank hours.

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Have you considered Grohe? Check out these links.

Grohe Blue for cold water

Grohe red for hot water

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My GC sent me to a store and the rep. recommended the Bodyglove system (having flashbacks from the 80s).

In my area, we generally have great water. He said that he used to have an RO system and switched to this. He wants minerals in his water and wants just the chemicals removed.

@gemcap: I will check out Grohe. They look great. Thanks

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Grohe is stunning! However, it looks they do not offer the Grohe Red in North America and the Grohe Blue is crazy expensive.

Now looking for feedback on:

Salesperson has me leaning towards Bodyglove--still awfully expensive to get all three (hot/cold/filter).

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