Instahot at Prep Sink/Baking Station? Reason not to?

2LittleFishiesJuly 21, 2012

We purchased a instahot (hot and room temp filtered water). I planned that it would go at main sink, but I'm wondering if there's any reason I shouldn't put it at the Prep Sink at my baking station instead?

This has since changed with a standard depth baking station and slightly smaller island for better walking space at back of island...

We are also putting a single trash pullout under prep sink. I wonder if there's room?

Anyway, just thinking that I could put glasses above the prep sink and it might be a good spot for people to get drinking water instead of the main sink.

OH, then there won't be filtered water at main sink... so I guess either way I could put a filter under both.


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Go for it! We're putting ours at prep so guests and drink refillers don't have to cross paths with the cook or dish person. Our local water's good-tasting, so we don't need the filter, but just want the instant hot for coffee and tea, and like you we will be storing glassware and coffee mugs above the prep sink. The prep sink will have pull-down faucet, instant hot, and beer tap! I don't see any downside to having it at the prep area.

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Thanks! And now I'm thinking I probably don't really need anything under the main sink... Our local water is fine anyway, but we could get drinking water at prep sink.

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Setting up a beverage space there might be very nice. The one thing you would lose is having the instant hot water for soaking pans without having to tote it over to the main sink. Not saying don't do it or that I wouldn't do it -- just pointing that out.

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You can also get a simple $50 inline water filter on your main sink's cold water line if you want filtered there.

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Yes! Thanks!
I'm now wondering if having the moen woodmere prep faucet, soap dispenser and instahot faucet will be "too much" at a smaller sInk. It may look crowded/overdone. I guess I can always do a cheap filter at prep sink and leave instahot at main.

Breezy I sent u an email yesterday about spice drawer.
Did u get it? : )

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My Prep Sink is the kohler K-6584 done under mount.
It's 17" x 18-3/4" x 8-1/4".

So with 17" across maybe it would be fine?
The faucet is Moen S6208C, but the specs don't show how wide it is along the front?

Instahot Dispenser:

Here is a link that might be useful: Kohler Prep Sink

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I don't think it will look like too much at the prep sink. In your kitchen, it's difficult to say where it would be best.

We have ours at the main sink, but that's where our baking and drink area is. I find it most convenient for water for bread dough (mostly cool water plus a little hot to get the temperature I want), water for coffee and tea, hot water when just doing a bit of washing or soaking a pot (because it takes running the water a bit to get the hot water from the water heater to the regular faucet). I also use it when I want to jump start getting boiling water for cooking.

In your kitchen, you would want it for bread and beverages at the prep sink but it would be handy at the other sink for the other uses. Perhaps your main sink isn't as far from the hot water heater and you will just do without using instahot water for jump starting boiling water?

I don't think that the three items would be too much at the prep sink.

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Thanks, cloud swift!
I'm still not sure what to do b/c as much as the prep sink is a great little beverage area, I also know that when we want iced tea, juices, and soda that we will get that from fridge and want glasses to the left of fridge. (which also then, wouldn't be far from the main sink to get water! However, there is something nice about the prep sink for people to get drinking water, etc. that is out of the way. Our bar area (no sink) will be to the right of the banquette which is inline with our baking area/prep sink.

I guess at worst, I could keep instahot at main and still put a filter on the prep sink if people should want drinking water... (just not hot).

On the other hand, one reason I'd like to get glasses away from the cab that is to the left of fridge is that I'd love to use that for opened pantry products that we use regularly so we don't have to walk around to pantry for quick things..
(syrup, ovaltine, open cereal/pasta, open snacks). I may use the base drawers to the left of fridge for that. (right now it shows a cab with pullouts but I think I may put drawers instead)

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Hi Fishies. Haven't checked my email in a couple of days. iPad and my email don't sync now so email is a pita. I'll go check now though! (I'm holding my 4 day old nephew so my DB and SIL can rest!)

Regarding your prep sink, the internal dimension width is actually 14". That's pretty small for all the gadgets you're considering. For comparison sake, here's my silgranit prep sink. It's width at the back where the faucet is located is just over 15". It often feels borderline tight to me. Manageable certainly, but I wouldn't want narrower. More than 1" narrower would make a big difference for me. YMMV. And your insta hot will be larger than my air switch. HTH!

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breezy- Thanks for noticing that! I guess my measurements were for over mount. Yes, 14" may be tight then. I agree.

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Is that the insinkerator faucet or the franke? Did you buy the tank from Costco? I read somewhere that most tanks are made by the same company and are just rebadged. Sort of like the sharp microwave drawers.

Second OT question. Are those the CAD drawings that you received from Jason? I am pretty sure I remember you are using Dutchwood.

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pball2- it is the insinkerator. I didn't get the tank from Costco. I bought everything from a plumbing store but they did match the lowest price I found online.

No, those CADs are not from Jason. We went with a different custom cab maker mostly b/c he is in our area regularly (saving me 3 hours trips to PA) and he has worked with our GC before.

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