Help! Citronella Stain on honed granite!!

laceylynn3July 26, 2014

A citronella candle melted on our outdoor kitchen counter.
It is honed granite. We cannot get the dark stain out of the granite. Any ideas please! We tried hot soap and water, an iron over paper bag....

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Try making a poultice. That worked for us in removing stains from a soap crayon from our white marble tiles. I can't remember exactly what was in it but if you search here or google you should find plenty. Good luck!

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I'd put some lacquer thinner under Saran wrap, tape the edges, shade it and wait a few hours or a day. Careful, that stuff is flammable.

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What type or color honed granite do you have-this will give us an idea or the porosity.
Citronella is an essential oil (among other chems) in a wax base.
So a heated candle falling on the surface can cause havoc.
What have you tried so far.
If the lacquer thinner doesn't work there are other things you can try.
Let us know more.

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