My Kitchen Facelift Journey part3

greenhavenJuly 14, 2014

The old thread(s), like my kitchen reno, dropped off so far they might as well be in the Mariana trench they are so unrecoverable. I included a link to the previous thread, since I have been so long in the weeds.

Well, the reno is not unrecoverable. It just got put on hold while I re-focused my attention. But THIS is the week it gets as finished as it can be without a backsplash. Backsplash guy has not called me back so I will either paint and leave it until such time as he is free to do it, or I will do it myself. I am sick and tired of all these unfinished projects, and I am so ready to move on!

Until then, there is trim work to finish, walls and trim to paint, a floor to repair and a cabinet for the dining room to fit out and get installed.

A couple of weeks ago I spent all of 30 minutes creating filler pieces for my new upper and new lower cabs.

Cutting the 1x2 oak to length was the easy part. There was a pretty significant difference in the size of the gaps between the tops and bottoms, so that meant a diagonal line instead of a straight line. Given the tools I had on hand this also meant using a jigsaw instead of a table or circular saw.

It actually went better than I thought, but still had to make some adjustments after the initial cuts. Thank goodness trim pieces will cover the remaining gaps!

The trickiest part was using the saw while holding down the pieces to be cut. There is not much to hold on to, and clamps would be in the way, so some reeeally careful fanagling was requires to keep my fingers outta the way.

Not quite the right cut, fits on the bottom, needs trimming near top:

Whoops! maybe a little too much trimming!

Finished with install, waiting now for primer and paint and trim.

And a teaser pic of the island stools. Love them! DH comes home, cracks a beer and chats with me while I finish dinner. I never saw that coming, but I looove it!

Today I work on trim and start priming the cabinet that will become my sideboard in the attached dining room.

Here is a link that might be useful: MKFJ part2

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Oh, I like those stools! A little industrial, a little modern, but a little country-ish because of the metal.

And that gap? Nuttin' a little caulk won't hide! :)

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terri_pacnw are a brave girl..I don't think I 'd tackle a jig

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I love the stools.

Are for the fillers, use the nice square edge against the cabinet, then cover any remaining gap in the corner with a trim piece. I think I needed to do that at one spot in mine, and once painted, it's not in the least bit noticeable. I'll look for it when I get home and post a photo for you :)

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Great job!

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Did you MAKE those stools - they're great, you could sell them! (I'd buy two)

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HA HA, no, I did not make the stools! I bought them online at Kohl's, I believe. I am afraid of welders. :o)

The stools are a little "sleek" but I looove the juxtaposition and warmth of the wood in my cool kitchen. I also bought an antique wooden soapbox that has the yummiest patina that ties everything together! My kitchen got a little "eclectic," just a little, but everything still plays so nicely together.

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The stools are a little "sleek"

That's why they'd be perfect for me (in my "rustic modern" industrial loft condo) I could trade you two wonderful Pottery Barn saddle stools (they're incredibly comfortable, but the wrong color now, and we have no place to refinish them - maybe I'll just send them out)

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Your stools are great greenhaven! Don't listen to sjhockeyfan ;) .

Are you planning to add cushions like I am? I'm thinking of DIYing some leather ones. I would take a cheap IKEA seat cushion of the right shape, and cover it with rustic leather with raw edges and crude stitching, kind of like this:

I think that would look modern yet soft.

"DH comes home, cracks a beer and chats with me while I finish dinner. I never saw that coming, but I looove it! "

I'm also surprised by how island seating creates new and welcome social dynamics in our family! I really like how we can be face to face when I am working on dinner. I also really like the feeling of expansiveness of working at the island, facing our big view window and the main living space. I am rarely using the perimeter counters for prep these days. Islands really aren't over-rated.

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sjhockeyfan, if you love them that much, definitely send them out!

Feisty, I think that would look so great in your kitchen! I will probably not do cushions. Nobody has complained yet, and they have that nice, gentle scoop to them.

terri, the jigsaw ain't nuthin' but a thing! They do make for imprecise cutting in such applications, but it worked out for me. I got my first woodworking injury in the eight grade, at the hands of a jigsaw...but it was a stand saw and a much different animal than this little guy.

So today I unloaded my cabinet that will becoming my sideboard, but as I was moving it into the garage the pile of lumber I bought to trim out my island was screaming to be heard. Well, what the heck? I had moved the chop saw up from the barn, so really, no time like the present!
Measuring and chop-sawing is pretty straight forward, since I knew what I wanted to do. Once the pieces were cut I started the trim nails while the boards were flat on the floor. Much easier this way when you are a team of one!

Then it was simply a matter of nailing up the pieces in their proper place. I did have one decision to make, and that involved the toekick, as viewed from the side. I could have the trim follow the edge of the toekick all the way around the perimeter, or I could run the âÂÂfrontâ piece straight to the ground. I opted for number two, because it is most awkward seen from the work side of the island and that is the least visible.

Now I just have to decide if I will run another trim piece across the toekick side to connect those, effectively reducing my toekick to next-to-nothing. It would feel less awkward there but not sure I want to sacrifice that space.

Voila! Trim finished! I think! I might still run a vertical piece on the narrow side, I bought some trim in a narrower gauge with this in mind. I will try it with and without and see which I like better.

Next up is paint! This is a bigger deal than it sounds, because once I break out the paint and brushes again it is git-er-done time for paint. All of it. Including painting the dining room. Which means taking down the rest of the border first.


P.S., the lake looked like the ocean today. Much tamer by evening when these were taken, but this morning we had six-foot waves and dangerous riptides. ...

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Your island is looking great! So is your beach :)

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Thanks! No, I don't think they are overrated at all! I think people get hung up on them sometimes, forest-for-the-trees and all that, but mine is invaluable to me. And we actually eat less in the living room now! Which is very good, in my opinion.

Your seat cushions will be an excellent winter project! All that hole-punching and whatnot. If you do go that way pick up some waxed string through a tack shop website (horse stuff). It will probably be way cheaper than what you might find at a craft store. Maybe. Shoot. I have a whole roll minus about six feet. I can send it on!

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Oh yes, I think waxed strong would be the right stuff to use. Good to know the source. I haven't done something like this before but since I'd be going for a rustic look I think I could pull it off. Thanks.

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Got a few minor-ish things accomplished today, like caulking gaps/seams in my island trim, re-hung a couple pieces of cabinet trim. I need to cut two new pieces of cab trim, hang it, prime and paint it, then I am done with trim! Wahoo!

I also took it upon myself to peel all the plasticky facing off the border in preparation for wetting it down and scraping the rest off. I took some pictures, as I actually got a couple really good, long lengths down in one pull, but my phone is downstairs and I don't feel like going back down for it. :P

By Monday I may actually be ready to break out the paint and brushes?

Was also hoping to hear from the fabricators who are cutting my marble for the top to my sideboard and the granite remnant for my half-bath vanity. I don't know what my rush is, though, since I am so not ready for either to be installed!

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Nice looking trim job.

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Island looks great! You can definitely DIY your backsplash. We just finished ours. It was our first tile job, but it wasn't hard. Tedious and time-consuming, but not hard

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Looking good, Greenhaven! I like your floors! Those were already there, eh?

I'm with edb2n, a backsplash is not terribly difficult, just time consuming and tedious/detail oriented. I did mine with some help from a friend and it looks awesome, IMO. :)

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You guys have a whole lot more faith in my ability than I do, lol! I am sure I could do it, just not sure I want to. I am just so ready to be done!!!

Did not do anything today, got some discouraging news about deterioration in my spine and was told to take it easy for a bit. And I am pouting a little. But I think I have finally found a good chiro.

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I wish there was more to tell on my progress, and I suppose there is, but it is mainly just boring, frustrating stuff. I am so close I can taste it, though!

As some of you might know, according to my Problems with Paint thread, I decided not to use the tile backsplash and accent I purchased for this project and am sticking to my original vision of beadboard paneling to complement my island.

The BIG issue is, still, PAINT COLOR! Argh! I have done three samples, now, and none seem right. Actually, BM Gray Owl is the right color, hands down, but it seems way too dark. Today I am going to experiment with mixing in white to make it half-formula and hope that does the trick.

My other option is to simply paint the beadboard the same color as the cabinets, but then I think I have too much of that color. I love the look in my favorite inspiration kitchen, but she has a lot of other features that break up that plane of color, like glass-fronted cabs.

So, more playing with paint today. Last week our new living room furniture arrived, and our kids asked for our old furniture for their family room. That is not going until this weekend, so the old furniture is hanging out in my dining room.

I also have an extra large piece of furniture in the DR because I bought that cabinet for the sideboard but still have the antique buffet that will take the place of the piano in the living room, but the piano is going with the kids, too. In my HEAD I know this situation is all changing in a few days, but in the meantime it feels like I am going backwards in my goal to finish and reduce.

Anybody want to come work with me for a week? I am having the most awful time finding help.....

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Wish you were close enough for me to enlist. I LOVE projects, especially those where the mess is in someone else's home.

Hope all is going well for you and are checking off something from your list every day. I love lists with crossed off finished projects. Yours must be a yard plus long on this project.

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We still haven't finished the trim and touch up painting. Too many other projects cropped up here too.

I really liked the bb for your space. Take your time and you'll find the right paint color. My walls, the cabs, subway tile, and wallpaper background are all warm shades of white. It took list of samples to find all the right shades. Just don't give up. When something doesn't feel right that little nagging in the back of your head becomes so darned loud in the wee hours of the night.

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Hang in there! My reno seemed to get worse before getting better, too. I think that's just the way it feels sometimes, as you're nearing the end :)

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Got nearly all my beadboard backsplash cut! Have a couple of stumbling blocks I have to take care of tomorrow.

The first is my outlets. Once the beadboard goes on the outlets will be recessed too far into the wall, so I must install outlet extenders. No big deal, except I wasn't thinking when I cut the holes for the outlets, and now I have to piece-in so the extenders flanges have someplace to rest.

PLUS, I needed seven extenders and only located three. PLUS, the two new outlet boxes are too small to accommodate the extenders I bought so I have to hunt down some smaller ones or figure out something real smart.

My second stumbling block I actually already took care of. I think I mentioned that when I put up one of my upper cab end panels I did not realize it needed to be cut to size until after the glue dried?

Well, it did. And there were very few options open to me to getting that piece trimmde off the bottom, so I bit the bullet and purchased a new tool!

With that flush-cut blade attached I could get the blade where it needed to be without any guess work or damaging the wall or cabinet. Worked a treat! FYI, I did not cut in that position, I put my phone down and held the cutting blade flush with the bottom of the cabinet. Now I can cut the last piece of beadboard!

Next will be to prime and paint all the beadboard and trim, re-install with construction adhesive, and get the extenders put it.

Quick look at an end run; oh yeah, have to cut that piece, too! see separate post if you choose to weigh-in on the height of that end run piece.

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Looklooklook what I found this morning! The internet is so smart!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Outlet spacers/shims

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