What is your favorite water-lined coffee maker?

Kitten1313July 21, 2013

We want to get one, but not one built into the wall. This will go in the appliance garage.

I had a Keurig - it broke after a year and a half, and I never loved the coffee quality anyway.

I am looking at the BrewExpress countertop maker. It can make 1 cup to 10 cups of coffee. Anyone know about this one?

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If you're just looking for coffee and not espresso, Bunn. Restaurant quality and durability. Many different models are available with different capacities.

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yes, just coffee. I will check out the Bunn. Thank you.

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I agree, we have had our Bunn for about 10 yrs and it still makes a good cup of coffee. We even put it away because our son bought us a Keurig and it broke after a year. Brought our Bunn back out. We didn't like the taste of the Keruig coffee either.

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