Need Some Help on fixing my wood Finnish mess up

greenhousemsJuly 13, 2014

Hello fellow garden webers!

I need some advice in fixing a faux pas that I made with my Walnut Kitchen Countertop finish.

About 2 years ago I finally installed my dream kitchen adding walnut counters... My kitchen installer and I finished the counters with Waterlox and I could not have been happier.

In the Spring I was sprucing up the kitchen getting ready to rent out the house as I had taken a job in California - (My home is in NJ) I decided to touch up the countertops and here is my big mistake.. I used Tung Oil! I now know what a dumb thing to do that was. Several months later the Finnish is still 'tacky'.

If there are any experts on this situation.. Please chime in. I have a woodworker who has agreed to fix it but I want to make sure he takes the right steps and does not make it worse.

I have read to use Mineral Spirits to remove as much do the residue as possible.. Then possibly sand and ten reapply the Waterlox.

I know that this is the site where I will get absolute expert advice so please let me know next steps. Just hoping to get back my wonderful Waterlox Finnish!

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I'd call the Waterlox help line

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Lacquer thinner and/or acetone will probably strip the tung oil, but both are quite flammable. Use every precaution.

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We have waterlox on our floors, and to recoat we just clean with TSP cleaner and mineral spirits, we don't even sand. Waterlox has tung oil in it, but your new tung oil is probably breaking down the surface. It's always safest to call the experts, I wouldn't use acetone unless the experts told me to use it, you will take some of the old waterlox off, and I'm not sure you want to do that, I think you can clean up the tung oil without starting all over.

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