Need help with kitchen plan

jendoeshairJuly 2, 2014

Working with a big box store to plan a kitchen and I feel like I've hit a wall. I think they gave me an idea of how it will fit but needs to be refined.
First off my end wall is missing from the pic, it has a 75" sliding door. Also missing is a 36" wide by 18 deep recessed area on the wall side up near the 42" door opening into the living room. In my current kitchen the 42" opening is aprox 18" to the left and my fridge is partially recessed in the 36" opening and is a huge Pain in the rear trying to enter or exit the kitchen while the fridge doors are open. We will be making that recessed area into a pantry.
Help! I don't even know where to begin, so just help.
I do want a 30" deep island but it seems I would have to achieve that by having a 6" overhang and I think it would be useless and look silly because it's not big enough for seating ,if I add another 6" I would not have my 36" minimum for passage. How would I achieve a 30" deep island.
Do I want single door uppers on the 24" cabinets or double door upper? Should I swap places with the fridge and stove? I'm thinking I like the fridge near the table to grab condiments and drinks.
Please give all the suggestions you you can think of, I want to get this right.

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Let's start with this: I assume the living room is to the right, through the 42-1/2" opening? Is the 33-1/2" space on the bottom wall a window or a door? If it's a door, what's on the other side? What is the big open area - eating area? Where is the wall to this room and what are to the left and above? What's the opening at the top of the picture - sliders to outside?

It would be much easier to help if we had more information, including a drawing on graph paper.

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You can have an island without seating.

This looks very much like Greenhaven's remodel - I put the link below.

Is there a window over the sink?

I think the main components are in the right place; now you have to tweak the details. I am not a fan of angled upper corner cabinets; I would use an easy-reach corner instead. Make sure you utilize the space above the fridge.

Most folks here prefer base cabinet drawers instead of doors, though I wouldn't use drawers in three 15" wide cabinets. Definitely drawers in the island.

I think the most important part of a kitchen remodel is to identify your goals. What works about the existing kitchen, and what doesn't? Do you need more counter, more storage, better flow? How many people use the kitchen - now and in the future?

For me, it was important to figure out where things were going to go in the new kitchen. Trash/recycle, plates and glasses, pots and pans, cooking utensils, cookie sheets, potholders, small appliances - deciding where each category should go, and how much you have/need, will help determine what the cabinets should look like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Greenhaven's kitchen

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The living room is through the 42" opening. The 33.5" space is a door to the mud room and I have a china cabinet there now but it doesn't have to stay. The open area is my eating area. The wall to the left is somehow missing from the picture but it has a 75" sliding door centered and opens from left to right(from inside). The top wall has a 3 light casement window that measures 78.5 including trim. There is a 36" window above the sink base.

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This is my unfunctional kitchen. The beam wall is coming down. We removed the upper cabinets that were above the peninsula and found a solid beam, thinking it was a supporting beam but we have had 2 contractors tell us that it is not supporting because it runs parallel to the ceiling joists.i didn't believe the first contractor but the second one said the same thing

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Can you see my spec pic of my kitchen plan with measurements in my original post? It shows up as a box with a question mark but it's there when I click it. Do I need to put in on graph paper as well as my spec sheet .

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I see the plan, but as sjhockeyfan mentioned, it would be a lot easier to visualize if you drew it to scale on graph paper, showing the recessed area, plus all doors and windows.

A second sketch showing the layout of the house (or at least the rooms surrounding the kitchen) would be very helpful too.

GW's are very visual folks! You'll get more responses if we can easily see what you're talking about.

What are your goals for remodeling the kitchen, apart from moving the fridge out of the traffic path?

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Hopefully few or no mistakes on the graph paper. My goal would be to have a well functioning kitchen with white cabinets and an island.

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This is my empty kitchen with the walls and windows on graft paper. My goal was to see of I could get feed back on the original kitchen plan I posted and help design a 30" island

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