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EcanemJuly 16, 2014

Hey everyone. I am looking for some feedback on our new kitchen design. A little background:

We are a family of 5 with a 3.5 year old, 2 year old and 3 months old. I work from home and we cook and eat 90% of all meals at home.

We weren't planning on replacing the kitchen right now but due to water damage from above and having some insurance money, we decided that we might as well do it now.

The current layout looks like:

We don't like the crooked kitchen and plan on removing that wall corner and straightening out the whole thing.

I went through a lot of options when coming up with ideas until we came up with:

I have a few variations on that image where I remove the space between the fridge and oven or I add an 18" counter between them.

Our first idea was to do this:

but we didn't like how the fridge cut off the dining area.

Finally, one designer wanted the fridge like this:

But I think that TOTALLY kills the kitchen based on the flow.

A few other comments:

1. We are re-using our ovens, they are GE Profile double ovens with convection.

2. We are re-using out Fridge.

We are getting a 36" or 48" cooktop.

Not going to move any walls other than the wall creating the diagonal kitchen.

My wife doesn't like the cooktop on the island, thats why the sink is there and the cooktop is on the window.

The exact cabinet we will be using for the layout isnt finalized (IE: it not going to use all 36" cabinets for the island).

There will be 39-40" of walking space on all sides of the island.

Any other questions, let me know.

Per request, this is VERY rough, I did it in 10 minutes. The current layout:

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Your photo is dark and hard to see. Could you sketch the existing layout, so we can see what is staying and what will be changed?

Your layouts are too small to read the dimensions, and it's hard to see where appliances are (except for the range).

If the window over the range is existing, is there room above it for a hood? I can't remember what the code is for a window over a range (though of course codes vary by city).

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I didn't realize they wouldn't resize, I edited the post and all of the images now link to the full-size image.

I will work on the current layout. It's a little tricky due to the diagonals but I will give it a try.

Current layout added to original post

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New design!

Yes I am getting rid of my GE Profile double oven but it really opens the place up. How often do you use a double oven anyhow?

Also, Sink stays in the current spot, less plumbing cost, same with dishwasher and fridge.

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I like the last one..with a range.
What is on your island?
Where would your main prep area for the stove be?

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Do you use a microwave? I don't see one in the design. If you do use one, you might want to think about putting it at a height that your kids can easily reach.

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Right now the island is one level basically 9'x4', I'm thinking of a small prep sink in the corner behind the cooktop.

Sophie, one of the base cabinets will be a microwave drawer.

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So that is a prep sink on the corner?
I'd move it over some, so you have a larger landing spot behind you for the stove and fridge.

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Your latest plan is much better than your earlier version with the cook top under the window (which may or may not be to code in your area).

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Thanks Lisa, we were really stuck with the double wall ovens because there just weren't a ton of good places to put them and have a cooktop. It's not really a lack of space overall, the kitchen is large, just the 'right' spot.

Everyone I have shown the new idea to really loves it.

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That's a big honking range! You have a big kitchen, but I think the range and fridge are too tight. You don't have a lot of landing space between the two (though I don't have an island, so I'm not accustomed to thinking about that as landing space).

I worry more about storage space near the range. I would want drawers for cooking utensils and potholders right next to it, and pots and pans in drawers close by, though you have a super susan for that. You don't show drawers in the space between fridge and range. And the upper cabinets on that wall are wonky - I think the hood is larger than the range (as it should be), but the hood isn't centered. The upper cabs on each side of the hood are pretty tiny - I had three 12"-wide uppers in my old kitchen, and they were pretty useless. Adding just 3" has made mine much better.

I also had 2 angled upper corner cabinets, and I despised them. Unless you put in a big lazy susan, you'll only be able to see items at the front. They provide a lot of space, but most of it is a big black hole. Combined with the small cab next to it, you have exactly the situation that I hated in my old kitchen. In my new kitchen, I moved the range a foot to the right, giving me a lot more prep space between sink and stove (I don't have a prep sink), and making the uppers a ton more useful. I put easy-reach uppers in both corners, which I also love.

I think the aisle between island and fridge is too tight - you might have a hard time getting the fridge in and out. I would at least play around with moving the fridge to the left of the sink, to give you more room around the range. Your upper cabinet storage will get moved to the range wall, but perhaps all those drawers in the island will be for dishes?

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annkh, I agree that the range and fridge are pretty close but I couldn't find another good spot. The island is off limits as per my wife and the only other spot is left of the sink.

I also tried the fridge to the left of the sink but it cuts off the dining area from the kitchen.

The idea for pots and pans would probably be in a drawer in the island on the end of the island.

I fixed the upper cabinets and they are now lined up and all 48" wide. The upper cabinets are 13" and 15" wide which I am sure I can find uses for.

There will be at least 40" between the island and the fridge, I have moved them out a little.

I should clarify that the type of cabinet is not 100% decided in these images. We are finalizing layout, then we will move things around and change cabinet types. Same goes for the easy reach vs angled. We had angled in our old kitchen and liked the xtra space.

For example, to the right of the stove I might add:

Traditional Kitchen by Oregon City Cabinets & Cabinetry WoodWorks INC.

I could also turn the cabinets at the end of the island 90 degrees and have pots and pans in there. Although I dont anticipate it to be a huge issue how they are now.

anyhow, I did tweak the spacing so it wasn't so awkward:

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Oh I wish I had that much space! Looks good to me.

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Where do you envision yourself prepping? Generally prep is done next to a water source but it looks as though you've eliminated the prep sink from the island and you don't have a lot of counter between sink and range.

If you're not willing to move the fridge to the left of the sink - which I think would help with function - are you willing to move the sink to the left? You can move the existing window or add another.

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You currently have a wall that cuts off the kitchen from the dining area - a fridge there would not be any more obtrusive, and would be very convenient for bringing things to the table.

Here's my old kitchen - a 36" lazy susan in the corner, and the range butted up to it. Since that's our only sink, most prep was done in that tiny corner, and it was dreadful. The 12" upper cabinet to the left contained spices and baking things (like vanilla), and was a nightmare to organize. The drawer on the right side held cooking utensils; the only place for potholders was in the lazy susan (not very convenient).

The same corner after the remodel: we moved the range a foot to the right, used a smaller sink base, and closed off the corner, so we could have drawers on each side. I don't miss that corner one bit - but I sure love the extra prep space! Utensils are in the top drawer next to the range; potholders are in a drawer on the right side, with pots and pans underneath that.

It seems to me that if you want such a huge stove, you are going to be doing a lot of cooking - and would really, really appreciate a more convenient work area.

One thing that helped me make decisions about my kitchen layout was to be as thorough as possible about what would go where. Not just "cake/pie pans will go in this drawer", but how tall and wide does that drawer need to be to make sure my things fit? I spent a lot of time measuring things, and taping out shelf and drawer sizes, then setting things within the boundaries. I assigned specific locations for flatware, cooking utensils, cookie sheets, cutting boards, baking dishes, plates and bowls, cups and glasses, Tupperware, sugar/flour, etc, small appliances - when the kitchen was finished and it was time to put things away, all I needed to do was adjust some shelf heights and go to town - about 90% of my things had a designated spot. I've done very little tweaking since the first week, and after a year, I love how efficient my new kitchen is.

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I totally see what you mean now.

I'll play with it when I get home. I know one issue of the fridge on the left is I have to use a blind corner and move the dishwasher to the right of the sink.

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Glad the photos helped! I'm a very visual person, so I like pictures.

I think you could put the fridge on the sink wall, and put the DW next to it. You show 143.5" for your wall; my fridge surround is 38.5", DW is 24", and super susan is 36". That leaves 45" between DW and SS for the sink base and then some. The sink would not be centered under the window, however. You might be able to center it under the right pane.

You definitely don't want the DW between the sink and range. If you go with a single sink, you can use a smaller base (my sink base is 30").

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