New kitchen - bread storage ideas needed

maries1120July 30, 2012

Backsplash should be going in and then we are all done. Even with everything we did to maximize the space, the kitchen isn't huge and not a lot of counter space. Before I had a wood tray in the corner that bread and bagels were on but I would like a neater/less cluttered look so looking for bread storage ideas. Drawer space isn't an option.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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basket? bread box?

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Thanks. I thought of a bread box but want something on a smaller more medium size scale. One that fit in a corner would be awesome if such a thing is possible. Maybe I could find someone that would build me one.

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You could attach a small box to an upper cabinet with a small hinged door or drawer. It would leave countertops open underneath, just a little less clearance.

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We use the microwave. Not that we think it is a good idea, but only because it works. We usually have several packages of bread, such as a loaf, a bag of pita (from Brooklyn)and a package of 100 calorie multi grain rounds. We don't have enough drawer storage, or counter top but maybe when we are done with the rebuild.....

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What about putting a tiered stand similar to this to put in the corner or your counters with a loaf of sandwich bread on the bottom and the fun stuff (muffins, bagels, nut bread) on top?
It would also be a nice way to display fruit.

Alas, here in NJ is too hot and humid in the summer
to store bread on the counter for more than 24 hours.

As an aside, I'll note that my "kids" will eat whatever I put out on the tiered stand on the island (kale chips, raw broccoli, apples, flax seed muffins, etc.) while they would never take the trouble to open the fridge for a healthy snack.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tiered stand from Potterybarn

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I hear you on this problem. When I started using a bread box earlier this year, the bread molded in no time! I was so surprised, not expecting this problem. I had previously kept it "loose" in the pantry, so I guess I'll need to go back to that when the kitchen is finished. When my kids were around, the bread invariably ended up pushed to the back of the kitchen table for convenience's sake. Not sure how that happened. I kind of like the tiered tray idea, if you're going to keep the bread out.

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sjerin - did the bread box have holes?

francoise47 - I like the tiered storage idea and will look into that. DH always has bananas so it would be great to find something that could hold these as well and I could get the banana hanger off the counter.

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No, it did not. That would have been better, I suspect.

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maries1120, sorry, no ideas on bread storage but yes for bananas! How about a hook that attaches to the underside of your upper cabinet?

I got one at the Container Store and used 3com Command adhesive to stick underneath my upper cab and it's worked out very well. Caveat is that we have max of 6 bananas in a bunch, weightwise, so YMMV.


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mtnfever - thanks! DH buys exactly 6 bananas each week so he can have 1 per day except Sunday. He has some OC tendancies that are so adorable.

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Annie Deighnaugh

We don't eat that much bread so to keep it from going bad before we can get to it, it's kept in the freezer or the fridge....

And re banana hooks, what do you do when you get to that last banana???

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