Speaking of large islands, a question regarding height.

Kitten1313July 16, 2013

Our kitchen plan is to have 2 islands, set together like a "T" where the short part of the T is the higher island with the sink, and the long part of the T is a fixed table, set at table height. We will be able to seat 6 (family of 5) and will use it for all of our meals. It will be our only kitchen table (we also have a dining room table, which will then be used just for more formal events).

My husband thinks we should have both islands the same height (island height), whereas I think the eating island should be table height.

Would it be more functional and inviting to have it all one height?

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I would prefer 2 heights. I think all the same height would be boring for such a large T-shaped island and I'd rather sit on a chair than a bar stool.

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Debbi Branka

My island is kind of backwards to yours, and I guess in reality mine is an L, not a T. The short part of the L is the lower, table height, used for a table. The long part of the L (or T) is the taller working part. Attaching a picture for you. The dimensions are 6x3' counter height part and 4x5' table height part.

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We made a "T" island with the seating area table height. We were able to use existing chairs from our other dining table and I think aesthetically it is more pleasing to the eye.


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