2 x 8" subway tiles - pics and advice pls!

PierrepontJuly 16, 2013

We are thinking of using 2 x 8" subway tiles for a backsplash in our kitchen. We love the look of Heath Tiles but they are pricey - does anyone have a place to get something similar - or and advice regarding elongated subway tiles? Pictures are very much welcomed!

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Check these out. They are on my final two list:
My tile distributor priced the 2 5/8'' x 8'' tiles (glazed quarry pavers) at around $13.00 sq/ft.

I just saw these at Lowe's and have ordered samples. They are special order only and come in 4 colors. The stores have display boards so you can check out the colors in person. The online pics don't do them justice. Only 3.99 sq./ft. for the 4'' x 12''. They also come in 3'' x 6''.

Pic from my phone:
There is also white.

Here is a link that might be useful: Allen + Roth tile

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Holly- Kay

They are very pretty. I love the understated look of Subway tiles.

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duplicate post

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Ann Sacks Davenport comes in a 2 by 8 size and the cost ranges from about $14 to $17 per sqft, depending on color. Shipping is extra. The link below will take you to the Davenport page.

You might also want to check out 2 by 8 tiles found at Complete Tile (completetile dot com) in the ceramic tile section. They sell Nori tiles for only $9 per sqft and McIntones for $21 per sqft.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ann Sacks Davenport

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@corgimum, thank you, they are very nice indeed. did they say how long a special order takes? I saw this pic on-line and loved the look of these tiles...but can't find anything like them...the website where I grabbed it suggested they are heath tiles but I can't find anything like those where I am to look at in person (and my guess is that they are WAY more than we would spend)

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I ordered the tile yesterday and they are supposed to be in next Wednesday.

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I am nearing the backsplash stage and am looking at 2" x 8" also. Last night I bookmarked ceramic tile by StoneSource (see link below), based on a Houzz modern kitchen I saw which did a herrington pattern with the. I have no idea of the price, but I think it's up there.

O/T, but somewhat funny, kinda, I was at a DalTile showroom, didn't have an appointment so was out of luck, but as I was mulling around this gray haired woman in her 80's exclaimed to the designer "and no subway tiles for me! my kitchen is going to have a modern look". Turns out she grew up in Philadelphia and road the subways and hence dislikes subways. She was looking at marble mosaics.

I think going smaller (2 x5 or 2x4) or larger in subway tile does bring a different look. But I still love 3x6 subways for a back splash and probably always will.

Good luck to you and please keep us posted on your finds. Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grigio Scuro -

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