Panel-ready DW--European model better because it's flush--true??

needinfo1July 8, 2014

I'm in the market for a replacement DW and am looking at Bosch, KA and Miele. I currently have just a regular-front KA, but I am thinking I want to put a panel on the new replacement. I just read this on the Yale Appliance blog, and, since this is a retrofit where the dishwasher is in a run of standard-depth cabinets, I am wondering if I should now eliminate the KA as a brand under consideration. (But, I do like the idea of the larger capacity KA, so that is a trade-off I would be making).

Do you agree with this statement from Yale? And, does anyone have any photos of a KA dishwasher with a panel installed in a row of cabinets? Thanks so much.

"European dishwashers will sit flush in a 24" deep cabinet. This is an attractive feature because the door will not protrude from the cabinets, if you are placing a panel on the front of your dishwasher in a 24" deep cabinet I would strongly advise that you choose a European model such as Bosch, Miele, Asko, Thermador, or Gaggenau so that the cabinet door will line up with your remaining cabinetry...........

American dishwashers have a large capacity. The door will protrude 2-3 inches from a 24" deep cabinet to accommodate a greater capacity than many American-style models, if you want to put a panel on your dishwasher, an American-style model will look best installed in an island or a deeper than 24" cabinet."

I have also posted this on the appliances forum since I don't know if this is really more of a design or appliance model-choice question. Thanks much for your help.

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Are your cabinets inset? Partial overlay? Full overlay? That matters as to how a paneled DW integrates into the whole and whether or not a Euro one is "better".

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I have custom-built, 1920's era replica full inset (including the visible hinges like the older cabinets). They have the frame around a recessed flat panel.

Thanks for asking and helping me out with this.

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Inset definitely need a Euro one to be able to be flush with the frame as a retrofit. In a new installation, the overall depth of the cabinets can be modified to use any paneled DW.

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How deep is the current cavity where the DW sits? If you push your tape measure to the wall and measure to the face of the existing cabinet?

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Second what LWO said. You'll need the shallower European model. I think you'll love the Euro models....they are very quiet. I'm on my 3rd Asko since the mid-80s (when they were known as Asea). Love them!

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Ps This is my DW to the right of my sink. Asko - Made in Sweden.

Make sure you get "FULLY INTEGRATED" type dishwasher if you want it to look like a real cabinet instead. Panel ready does not necessarily mean Fully Integrated.

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We just went through this process. We are replacing a dishwasher with a panel-ready one. The dw is on a run of cabinetry on an exterior wall, so no room for fudging the depth. We measured our available depth and compared the info on the spec sheets to be sure. I wasn't interested in KA so I didn't look at that one, but for us, Bosch fit, none of the others did. You just have to measure your space and compare to the spec sheet for the particular model you're interested in. IMO, the custom panels really only look good if they're flush with the rest of the doors. If you want the bigger dishwasher, I wouldn't get a custom panel model.

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Just for another perspective, we have the panel-ready KA. Found it new at Sears Outlet for $550 (normally about $1,500). Aside from the price, capacity and rack configuration was important. We also wanted panels because we dislike stainless more than a protruding panel and our range/hood were stainless.

We also have the KA panel ready counter depth fridge which sticks out. It really bugged us at first. Two years later, I don't pay it much attention.

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Thanks to all. My space is 24" x 24", and when looking at it I realize that my current KA does protrude. Since it is just a standard model, not a paneled, I don't mind that much. But, I can see how it might be an issue with the panel-ready.

1929 Spanish--Lovely kitchen! I assume your dishwasher is to the left of the sink under the pumpkin. You say it protrudes a bit, but I can't tell from this perspective. Out of curiosity, what does the side look like where you can see it?

Kompy--Great kitchen design! I also looked at the Asko dishwashers today at the store and would love some feedback on the brand from you since you are on your third one. Do you know which model you have? Is it the one with the three racks inside? Is it a lower or mid or higher level model?

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Thanks for the complement. Here's a closer shot.

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This doesn't look nearly as awkward as I'[d have guessed. Thanks for taking the time to do the photo and posting. I'm still in the throes of decision making.

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My pleasure. Let me know if you want to see more.

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