Brown Antique Granite Etching???

VickieHallmarkJuly 27, 2011

I know I can expect etching on my marble island counter top, but I never anticipated issues with my Brown Antique granite counters.

I had localized all acidic operations to the granite perimeter to minimize etching the marble, although we have of course already christened the marble repeatedly. I expected that and have taken it in stride.

However, this morning, I see what looks suspiciously like an etch ring on the granite next to my sink. Nothing I've tried budges it.

Anybody have this experience? Did I inadvertently manage to select an etchable granite? I thought I had read that Brown Antique was pretty impervious to anything.

Perhaps I need to move all acids back to the island and go with my first impulse of deliberately etching the entire island to embrace the patina.

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Can you post pics - close ups and distant shots ???

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I wouldn't be surprised if it is etching the SEALER not the granite. There were recent threads about this with Black Pearl granite, so maybe your Brown Antique is the same type of porosity that makes the sealer sit on the top, rather than penatrating the granite.

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"I wouldn't be surprised if it is etching the SEALER not the granite. "

Especially if a sealer was used on a stone that does not require it.

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Interesting about the sealer etching potentially. I'll search for the other threads.

Here are photos, very difficult to get good images with all the reflection.

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