Small galley kitchen remodel layout

seashineJuly 14, 2013

I have a small galley kitchen that I'd like to remodel with new cabinets, floor, counters and appliances. I've never done any remodeling before. I don't plan on this being a DIY project but also have a small budget for it.

I'd like some ideas about how to maximimize the storage space and work space. Aesthetically, I think I'd like the sink and range to be switched, but fear the added cost to move both water and gas lines.

Ideas/suggestions for me? I have attached a basic floorplan of the dimensions, appliances, openings as they are now.

Key points:
9 x 8 essentially
Exterior door at one end
Dining room at the other
Small bay (?) Window above range

Thank you!

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can the exterior door be closed up and a new location be created for the side entrance. So much more could be done without traffic through the kitchen and availability of 3 walls to flank with storage/counters of some sort. People could help you with designing the corners and that outside wall with perhaps even a new would be great.

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Before ruling out moving your sink and range, what are you dealing with? Basement with acces, slab, crawl space? Which way do your joists run? It might be very reasonable to move them depending on how things are set up.

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For now, I have to say no to moving the door, although we are exploring the idea. I guess I'd like to explore an option where the door remains and an option where the door disappears.
How do I add 3 more photos? I have them in photobucket, but can't figure out which link adds them to the post.
Thank you!

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Williamsem, the kitchen is above a finished daylight basement. There is a finished bathroom below the kitchen. I don't know which way the joists run.

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Here are the photos of the kitchen.

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Hi. There is sunshine coming from somewhere, behind the stove, right? It seems to me that it would be so much nicer for the cook(s) if the work counter were on the window side.

So, with the door staying where it is:
Inside wall: Refrigerator opposite where it is now, dishwasher, and sink in a straight (not L) run to corner.
Window side: Stove moves over, work counter under window.

With door moved to center:
Inside: The same as above.
Window side: The same, but with ***almost 3' more usable space*** that could be invested pantry pullout(s) and/or work counter.

If it's at all pretty outside, maybe a French door in the center to bring in more sunshine and add the charm of a view to those looking into the kitchen and those working there? Or perhaps just one with glass on top.

Note that because it interferes with efficient use of the 2' of wall space in the corner corner and gets in the way of traffic, whatever else you do, IMO that little L hook on the left run by the door should go.

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Since you're considering moving the door, why not move the door to center it on the room, opposite the hallway door? Here are pics of 8' wide kitchens to give you an idea what that would look like:

Contemporary Kitchen by New York Architects & Designers Beinfield Architecture PC

Traditional Kitchen by Mountain View General Contractors Nunley Custom Homes

Contemporary Kitchen by Sonoma Architects & Designers Amy A. Alper

Eclectic Kitchen by Sonoma Architects & Designers Amy A. Alper

On this last kitchen, I would prefer to have the fridge placed closest to the hallway entry so that people getting items from the fridge don't have to cross the cooking zone to get to it.

Have you checked with your city's code? You may need to move the range when you remodel, especially if that's an opening window above it. Then your set-up would be very much like the last kitchen I posted.

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brooklyngalley's is my favorite galley kitchen (OK, next to mine). I hope she doesn't mind that I'm always showing it - it's just a great example of what you can do in limited quarters. She packed in a ton of function. NYC kitchens in general are good models for small spaces - they often use small sinks, small DW's, and narrow Liebherr fridges. Here's her reveal.

Toe kick drawers can provide extra storage for flattish things you don't use often. Take the cabs all the way up and keep a folding step stool nearby - maybe even leave a narrow vertical space under the counter for the stool. I use mine a lot.

I recommend an induction cooktop or range in a small kitchen. It cooks like gas, but the flat surface acts like counter space. I also increased my counter space with a pullout lapboard, which is like a big pull out cutting board. It's especially useful when I'm plating things or arranging salads and other parts of the counter are occupied.

Here is a link that might be useful: brooklyngalley's reveal

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Ginny, your pull-out board is just like the FOUR my grandmother had in her kitchen. In fact, when the current owners redid the kitchen, they included pullouts, too. Love your literal wall oven, too.

Seashine, Brooklyn's kitchen makes me think, could you close off the door, perhaps make it a window? Or is it too essential, perhaps the cars are right outside that door?

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Thanks, bp. I put in my new pullout because I had lived with the one that was in the PO's c.1961 kitchen when we bought the house. They're a great old idea that isn't used enough now. I wish I had put another one near my MW as a landing space.

My wall oven extends into the garage. That's another idea that helps in a small kitchen, but it only works in specific circumstances, i.e., a garage, laundry room, or closet is on the other side of a short wall in the kitchen. I'm assuming you don't have a wall like that, seashine.

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I LOVE that pull-out. To this day I remember the 20"er from my tiny bungalow kitchen very fondly. I have more counter than I need right now, but I'm pinning that picture for the future when we downsize to my little-old-lady kitchen. Whatever size that will be, I can look forward to it without fear as long as I can have something like that.

Seriously, in my imaginings my next kitchen's a lot more like Seashine's than some large elaborate layout. Just give me a pool of sunshine and a pretty view, even if I have to create it myself.

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You can get a free design for your kitchen with cabinet sizes and layout.

Here is a link that might be useful: Free kitchen Design

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What are the exact dimensions of the space?

The length/width of each wall, window, doorway and the distances b/w each wall, window, and doorway?

What type of ceiling do you have in your finished basement? One that you could get into easily? Or would you have to demolish part of the ceiling to access the plumbing (water and gas)?

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Thanks all!
The door could be closed up (pending city code verification). I'd be interested in either moving it to the center of the wall if it was kept.
There is a finished basement below, so I think between that and redoing the floor, we should be able to move plumbing around (I think/hope). I don't know which way the joists run.
Rosie, yes, there is a window above the stove. It's a garden window and irritating except for the light it allows in. I like the idea of moving the exterior door to the center of the wall and making it a little french door. Or, alternatively, interested in the option of closing up that door and putting in a little french door where the range is. That would open up to the front yard which is enclosed like a little patio/courtyard. I also love brooklyngalley's kitchen! We can't extend into another room, unless we merge the kitchen with the dining room (a post to follow once I have a floorplan drawn). Or, I've recently become obsessed with the idea of a bump-out / cantilevered micro-addition, as a way to gain a tiny bit of extra width to the kitchen.

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Cantilevering a counter depth can be a fantastic idea if code doesn't allow the foundation to be extended (and will allow the cantilever). I've actually suggested it a couple of times but don't think anyone did it. You apparently do have width and length for an efficient corridor kitchen, though, so your payoff would come from the extras this would enable.

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rosie, I think it could be a fantastic addition to the kitchen. I don't think our city code will allow an addition (needing foundation) onto the streetside of a house. Or, at least we are don't have enough space where they would allow it. I have to find out about a bump-out and how/when they are allowed. I'll try to post a photo of the front to get thoughts on what it would look like on the exterior. Still brainstorming.

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Maybe not in the budget...but this would be my choice with the existing footprint.

From [Farmhouse plans](
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