Amish Cabinets

Deja_QJuly 15, 2012

I posted on this forum about a year ago. I wanted to stop back and post pics of the completed kitchen.


$4300 - AMISH - all cabinets, island and pantry (Oak Natural)

$5000 - Appliances

$3000 - Granite

$1000 - Flooring (entire first floor, less living room)

$600 - AMISH - all oak baseboards, door & window trim (entire 1st floor)

I live in Rochester NY but am from northern NY where Amish are plentiful. They do not use resellers or market their work, so I had to pick up the cabs and truck them here. But for a price that is 1/4 of what Lowe's would charge, it was worth it! Simple & functional--perfect for a working kitchen!

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Pantry - 20" deep, 8' wide.

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Island - All cabs had soft close, full extension slides. End panels were raised panel--no cheap filler panels here!

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they do such good work, don't they?

did you drive any of them to your house to put in the cabs and/or baseboards? or DIY it?

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Deja Q - Great job. You got a deal on all those cabs. Your kitchen is lovely. It's going to feel so warm during our long Rochester winters!

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Deja Q - looks lovely! We're in Pittsburgh so, close-ish to Rochester and I'm wondering if I can get the info on who you used? Do they have a website or a way that we can get in touch since they don't have phones in their homes?

Can you tell me if you know if they do full overlay and (hopefully) frameless?

You can email me if you don't want to post the info on here. Thanks!

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Your kitchen looks great I am also interested in the Amish cabinet maker you used.

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Hey Deja Q, when you say northern NY, do you mean up near the St Lawrence? geomeg needs recs for custom cabs near Montreal. Are there Amish settlements up there? I'm only familiar with the Mennonites in the Finger Lakes.

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Looks great!

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So pretty! They did a beautiful job. Gorgeous floors too!

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Deja Q - Don't keep us in suspense!! Please post the name and number for your cabinet maker!!! The workmanship and price are impressive.

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I love those CABS!!!! Gorgeous- still sad there are no Amish cabinet makers in Southern Cali: ( the work they do is amazing. Your kitchen looks so beautiful and cozy.

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These are really nice cabinets and a reminder that oak is still a pretty wood when we get away from those 80s rounded slab doors.

Thanks for sharing.

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Oak is typically cheaper than maple and cherry, but that is still a great price, even if crown molding, hardware and shipping/delivery are not included. Please let us know the name of the craftsmen who built these! Do you know what woods they will use and how long it takes to complete an order?

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Sorry for the delay! I thought this site would email me when someone responded.

thanks andreakellyphotography for letting me know!

OK name and number? Amish don't use phones remember :)

His name is Samual Yoder, 1555 State Hwy. 184, Heuvelton, NY 13654. He does work for people from all over NY but it's just thru word of mouth. His prices are great--I think he said maple or cherry is about 10-15% higher than oak.

That price included all hardware, which was full extension soft-close drawer slides for all face drawers and regular slides for all pull out shelves in base cabs. Full round lazy susan. Overlay doors. Everything was completely custom. I'll attach some other pics.

Now for the bad news: you must pick-up (no delivery) and he has at least a 9 month waiting list. With no phone, it can be difficult getting questions answered and details finalized thru the mail. For example, at the last minute I need to cancel the half round posts that I had wanted for each side of the sink because it meant the face would be set back almost 2 inches and my sink (SilGranite, free with the granite order) would not fit. So I had to call my brother in Ogdensburg and have him drive over there to make the change just days before he started making my cabs.

I'll try to check more often now. I just re-read some of your comments and you must remember that this guy is not a commercialized/reseller Amish. He does not advertise and does not have a website. That's why the price is so cheap.

Oh and everything is guaranteed for life. You just need to bring it back and he'll fix it. Or give you a replacement.

He's old school. One of the nicest guys I've ever met.

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I cannot seem to upload any more pics. When I click on Preview Message, the Image file to upload goes blank.
there is no Submit button until I see the preview, but cannot get the pic to upload before the preview page.

Any help?

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Nice job, nice kitchen

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Mahogany and Oak trunk and night stands. Sam said this was really expensive...$1700 for the set. I thought it was a steal. I would have bought it, but like everything I've seen at his workshop, it's for someone else. Nothing is made without an order. And nothing is paid for up front. It's all by a handshake and a promise. :)

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My kitchen was all DIY. The only outside help I got was $300 for running the gas from the basement to the range (previously only electric stove). And I had the granite guys install the two pieces at the backsplash. I saved the island granite to set myself after installing the floor and setting the island on top. I wanted the cabs to sit on the subfloor plywood and the island to sit on top of the finish flooring. I ran all electric which was more extensive than I figured with dishwasher & disposal, range & fridge outlets and undercab lighting. It was a job doing the backsplash too. For some reason I didn't enjoy doing the tile so much but it turned out nice due to how-to video's on the web.

I am not a carpenter but I don't mind attempting stuff as long as there's no time limit. It took 30 days to get a working kitchen after starting demo and about 6 months total to finish due to working at my job full time.

I used some left over trim to put up a chalkboard paint "menu".

It was certainly a fun project. And I love how functional it turned out.

The one thing it doesn't have is seating around the island. Didn't plan any and don't really miss it because we don't have kids nor entertain in the kitchen. Strictly a working kitchen. Just what I intended because I love to cook.

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Deja O,
The site will e-mail you. Next time you post check off the box underneath the message saying you want follow ups e-mailed to you.
In Lancaster (Amish Country nearer to me), the Amish do have phones outside their homes for business - that's why I asked. I am about 7 hours away - so if I want to meet with Sam, I would need to set an appointment up by mail. So, I assume you bring him all your measurements and photos of your kitchen. Is that correct? Does he do more contemporary styles as well as traditional? If you see him, can you ask him if can recommend anyone in Lancaster- - thats only 4 hours from me. I am thinking, in any event, he seems worth the drive. Thanks for sharing your wonderful find.

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deja o,

For the trim, did it come in long sections and you cut to fit at home with a saw?

I am just picking up my jaw off the floor, $4300 for all that. I am in Columbus, Ohio and would even fly and drive to this guy and get on a long waiting list and truck it back to Ohio for that!

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What is the finish of your cabinet pulls?

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Yes the trim came in 11 to 12 foot sections.

We found the pulls at HD or Lowe's, bought one and brought in to Sam. He then bought 42 from his supplier, and I think he charged me $3.25 each (about half price)

Finish is 'wrought iron dark'. I was surprised how well it matched the granite. We are so NOT interior decorators LOL.

Here is a link that might be useful: Amerock

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I also used Amish cabinet makers and for anyone in Wisconsin, I can highly recommend the
Miller Cabinet Shop
W4974 Hwy 44
Markesan, WI 53946
They do not have a phone so you have to write them a letter or take a ride to their shop (sometimes they are not in though because of installs or other events) So its best to try and make an appointment.
They hire a driver to transport themselves and the cabinets to your house.
Four carpenters arrived at my door at 6 a.m. and worked until 5:30 pm to install my cabinets and the charge for that was only $1,400.
My cabinets were a bit more expensive than Deja's because I used select cherry and had several radius cabinets and doors but i found that they were 1/3 to 1/2 less than other custom quotes.
Just as Deja_Q stated, it may be 6 to 9 months though before they can fill your order. I think it was definitely worth the wait. I have shown my kitchen numerous times but I will post a couple pictures for those searching for Amish cabinet makers.

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beautiful badger gal!

Love your granite. What is it?

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cmm1: my granite is Verde Peacok.. While it looks black from a distance it actually has blue/green and gold splotches in it. It's very hard to get a good close up picture of it but this one at least shows the color a bit

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If you're in Western or Central NY or Northern PA, I recommend my Mennonite cabinetmaker in Penn Yan. He does have a phone, a computer, and a showroom, and he has someone to drive him. They visit your home, measure, deliver and install. I called him with changes up until the week he started construction. He made a custom stain for me, and sent me samples of a few so I could pick. His cherry has no sapwood. Install usually happens in one day, and it's always on the day he tells you it will be. Amazing. You can also get custom furniture through him - beds, tables, chairs, chests. I think it's his BIL who does it.

Ray Hoover
Whispering Pines Woodcraft
4150 St Rte 14A
Penn Yan NY 14527


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Ginny - He sounds wonderful. Can you give an idea of pricing as compared to Deja O's cabinet maker. Perhaps you can post a few pictures. Do you know if he can make contemporary cabinet doors?

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Deja got an incredible deal! Ray is more like the price of Home Depot (except it's true custom with all the bells and whistles), but he does deliver and install. I paid under $12K, including the Berenson pulls and knobs, which they also installed. It included extras like tip-out drawer,lap board pull-out, trash pull-out, end panels (which are made like an actual door, not just a panel screwed on to flat wood), spice racks, paper towel cubby, and two built-in receptacles under the cabs.

Ray will do full overlay, which costs a little extra. He does various door styles and woods. My friend had him do very contemporary slab doors with no hardware, just those indentations for your fingers to open the door. He also does painted finishes. And granite countertops, actually, although I used someone else for my counter. He does not do frameless cabs, only framed.

I'm afraid these pictures don't do justice to his beautiful work. If you are anywhere near him, you can see two sample kitchens in his showroom.

I needed more spaces for wine bottles in this little rack, so he did a custom configuration

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Nice kitchen Ginny! I love the tone of the finish.

It's nice having all of those extras like trash pull-out and raised end panels. I have a "double" silverware drawer in the island--it has a top section that slides back after opening. I just finished making a custom-sized, two-tier lazy susan for the upper corner cabinet. It's as large as I could make it and still fit it take advantage of all that space in there.

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Beautiful kitchen! I have an Amish crew building my house...but they don't do cabinets. I'll ask if they know of anyone who does because there are several families in their community near here. They do wonderful work...and your cabinets show it!

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Thanks Deja Q. I have to say, I'm in awe of your serious DIY skills.

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Ginny20, what is the name of your granite?

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Toileluvrbr - It's Typhoon Green. Surf Green is either the same or similar, as far as I can tell.

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Giny20, nice price and nice kitchen. Thank you for sharing. Since the cabinets are framed and not frameless, do they have stiles in the middle. My cabinets are partial overlay right now and I have that bar in the middle that makes it difficult to put dishes in my cabinets and I would prefer the bar to not be there. Where are your installers located? I live in Northern NJ.

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Badgergal, I love your kitchen so much! I love natural cherry cabinets that go to the ceiling. The Amish do a quality installation and building of cabinets it looks like.

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Deja_Q- I love your counters and appliances and the price of your updated kitchen that is functional and created just for you! Thank you so much for sharing pictures and the great prices that you got.

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Giny20- your cabinet maker is 4 hours & 19 minutes from me IF no traffic & Not breaks as he is 250.01 miles from me- Thanks for sharing

Total Distance: 250.01 miles 402.35 kilometers � Total Time: 4:19 h

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Hi Deja_Q, I looking for someone to make custom kitchen cabinets and came across your post. I also live in the Rochester area. From the looks of it, your Amish cabinet maker did an excellent job. I have a few questions:

1) Are the drawer boxes dovetail? Did he use Blum hinges and drawer glides?

2) Does he only go with "natural wood" finish or will he also do stained or a painted white finish. We're thinking of Natural Cherry for most of the cabinets and the Island painted/sprayed white.

3) Do you know if you need to setup an appointment to meet with Samual Yoder, or can you just stop by on say a saturday? I'm about 3 hours away and would hate to drive all the way up north and find out that he's not home!!

4) Also, if you know of any other Amish cabinet makers that are reasonable, please let me know.


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wow, beautiful, what a deal! Wish I had amish cabinet makers in my area.... that is awesome!

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