Good source for cabinet hardware other than Big Blue/Orange

mamacat21July 29, 2013

Title pretty much says it all. :) I'm looking for a good place to buy cabinet hardware other than the big box stores. I've been there and I'm just kind of nothing jumps out at me. Or it seems REALLY expensive.

I'm particularly interested in oil rubbed bronze or black, kinda liking the cup pulls for the drawers. But the ones at big box were $15.99 a piece! Maybe that's normal?

Anyway, if there's an online store you've used and were super happy with, please share! Thank you in advance!

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Where do you live? Someone may have a local store reference. For instance, if you're anywhere in the San Diego area, San Diego Hardware has a *huge* selection/display of hardware.

...1,000 door locks, 3,000 hinges and 7,000 knobs and pulls...

I find being able to actually touch and see potential hardware choices to be invaluable. (I admit it! I'm a hardware groper.) I'm sure stores like this exist in other parts of the country.

Here is a link that might be useful: San Diego Hardware showroom pg.

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Thanks, suzannesl ... I'm going to check that place out!

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You can order on line at They have a lot of different knobs and many more items. The shipping is relatively inexpensive. I think they are quite a bit cheaper than HD or Lowes.

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Thanks! Suzanne, I sure wish I was in San Diego now! I'm in Virginia, a good 90+ minutes from anything even close - and it's a Ferguson showroom. We've got the big box guys, Ace Hardware, and a handful of kitchen/bath design places that have limited showrooms (but seemingly unlimited catalogs.) My local Ace has only one type of offset hinge, available in three colors. The in-person viewing selection around here is baddddd. :(

Ro, I will check that out, thanks!

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I just ordered some Amerock samples from Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I was really surprised to see that I could order some hardware through them. Shipping is free, they provide free return shipping labels, and they take returns at their stores, too. The dollars that I've spent on samples has really begun to add up, so it's nice to finally order some from a place that will let me return them without a hassle or cost.

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We were really happy with for our cabinet pulls. I had already decided what I wanted and they had the best price.

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I found a good selection at

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