'Linen' look tile - larger format

Alice JohannenJuly 2, 2012

Hi, all. Our kitchen reno is slated for August, and now that we're done choosing the cabinets (Ikea Adel, Medium Brown), we've moved on to other decisions. I trust this forum for EVERYTHING, so I figured I would come to you for some advice on tile.

I very much like the look of larger-format tiles for a backsplash (no small mosaics for me), but am having some trouble figuring out exactly what to look for. Should I try to find an 8x12 tile? Or find a 12x12 or 12x24 and cut it down? I found this one (Emser Strand), which I quite like (at least I like the picture). It's 12x24 and I could have it cut in thirds so it's 8x12. It's pretty inexpensive, so this would be great if it's possible. Although now that I think of it, this solution would make the "threads" run vertically instead of horizontally. Hmm. How would I know if cutting it in thirds would work? Would it need to be "through-body" porcelain or whatever that's called?

Do you have any leads on approx 8x12 (or 6x10 ... just bigger than 4x8 please) tile that's sort of linen-ish?

Many thanks!

Here is a link that might be useful: Emser tile

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Daltile Fabrique line
Click on "Tile sizes" They have 4x24 and 6x24 and it is a colorbody porcelain, so is colored throughout.

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That's a very cool tile, but I don't think I would chop it up, just use it the original size to minimize grout lines (and the grout lines as small as possible). And I wouldn't do a running bond pattern or anything like that. Just MHO.

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Some good information on this thread:

Here is a link that might be useful: cut-your-own large format subways?

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Alice Johannen

Thank you! I had seen the Daltile and like it quite a lot, but I didn't know until now it came in 6x24 (through their "Linear Options" choice, it looks like). I am not sure about whether 24" is a bit too wide. Would that look weird in a kitchen?

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It would depend on how long your runs are, how the tile itself is stacked, if there are interruptions in the tile from windows, etc. If you have relatively long runs, I actually think it will look quite striking.

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Crossville has a similar look in their Color Blox Too line. It's a painted linear pattern and it comes in 6 x 12. They have about eight different colors.

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I have a sample of the Fabrique from Daltile that is very pretty and it does come in narrower widths as Bahacca pointed out. There are actually a lot of tiles out there with a linear feel to them now, including some of the wood-look ones that don't really look like wood and if on a backsplash wouldn't look at all like wood. There is also a Silk Road tile that has that linear feel and comes in 10x20. http://bedrosians.com/catalog/m=Porcelain/s=Silk_Road

If I were going to cut the tile you have I would cut them into 6x24 lengths rather than cut them into thirds the other way. A lot of things are showing running the linear tiles vertically, but I'd think you would want to run this horizontally also. As for whether the 12x24 would work, I'd think your backsplash would have to be at least 36" high to make that work - so that you would have at least 3 rows of tile. If less than that then I would cut the tile such that you had at least 3 rows. Just my thought...

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kinda hard to see the texture in this pic but I have this in my bathroom

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Alice Johannen

Beeps and others, thanks for the input. I agree, a 12" height wouldn't work well, because it would end up being 1.5 tiles high in an 18" backsplash. I'd rather do a tile that's either 6" high or 9" high. I like minimal grouting, so 3 rows of 6" is probably what I would end up with. We do have one very long run that the 24" length might look good on. I'll have to see what my husband thinks about that. His reaction to the 12x24" tile was "It's the size of a dinner tray!" LOL

I also agree that a running bond pattern would not be good. I would plan to just stack them (or whatever that's called). :-)

What does anyone think of turning them so they're vertical behind the range? Would that look silly? The range is in our very long run, so it would break up the horizontal highway.

I am going to visit a tile place that carries the Daltile and see if they have a sample of this for me to borrow. Our cabinets get delivered tomorrow, so I will finally have a sample door to start holding things up to.

Does anyone have pictures (or know where there are some) of larger format tile in kitchen backsplashes?

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I have Stonepeak Ceramics Parkland Acadia tile in 6 x 24. Mine makes me think of black suede, I LOVE it! It is a rectified porcelain. Here are some pics of my backsplash.

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Have you looked at the Infusion tiles by American Olean? They come in the sizes you are looking for and are a color-body tile... Just thought you might like an additional brand to look at.


Here is a link that might be useful: American Olean Infusion Tiles

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Alice Johannen

Well, I went to the local flooring store, which mentioned Daltile on its website, but they didn't have ANY. Boo! On the other hand, they did have a nice American Olean - Antissa - which I liked. The saleswoman was helping other customers so I never had a chance to talk to her about it, but at least I know it's out there.

Here is a link that might be useful: Antissa tile

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Gee... I never embedded the pic!

and further way . Still kinda hard to see the pattern

We have it installed in a stacked also known as a soldier pattern.

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Alice Johannen

Remodelfla, that's gorgeous! Is that the Fabrique? And thank you for letting me know that stacked = soldier so I don't sound like a moron when I tell the contractor what I want. LOL

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yes... I believe it is the Fabrique in white. And thanks! It does look great and everyone who sees it comments on how beautiful the bathroom looks. Now if we would only finish up all the little touches that still need to be done...

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what kind of floor did you put down to go with this? I am considering a linen look tile too

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remodelfla - Very pretty tile work. I found this thread on a search for linen tile. How have you liked them now 2 years later? Are they difficult to clean? I am thinking of using them in my master bath remodel for the bath floors and the walls of the shower.

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