What to look for in a range hood?

leafy02July 4, 2013

I am considering replacing our range hood in order to improve the removal of heat and smells from our kitchen and would like to know how to get the most suction possible.

Imagine my pain: the kitchen opens into our living room... and my husband is addicted to frying. He is from the south, and despite my pleas and complaints over the course of 20 years, he will not stop frying 3x a day. Yes, 3x a day. Sometimes 4 times, because apparently it's hard to sleep without a little nightcap of bacon.

I know you're probably thinking he won't live much longer with a diet like that. I've thought it, too. But in the meantime, I'd like to improve the situation as much as I can.

I'm not doing a big kitchen overhaul, I just want to replace this one thing. It's a regular 36" vented hood.

Suggestions for what criteria to use?

TIA, Kitchen gurus!

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Thanks for posting. I am looking for a 30 inch wide hood and need help too. Our cooktop is induction. You might want to say what type of range you have. When I talk to the madison.com people, that was the first question they asked.

FYI - consumerreports.org has a ratings list. I found zephyr Best near (or at?) the top of their list but when I read reviews on the gardenweb web site (in appliance forum), they weren't so good.

Since you are like me, and your kitchen is adjacent to your living area, you probably have "noise level" as a concern. I will just report where I stand with my research but I have just begun - apparently there are three types of blowers which is the part of the hood that will determine noise. There is internal, inline and external. We have an attic so the inline blower that could be put in our attic in the duct as it goes from kitchen and escapes out the roof would work.
Then when I look up "inline blower", the prices for most increase dramatically. And then, worst of all, some say (on gardenweb), that the type of blower doesn't matter as much as the brand of hood - that some internal blowers because they are better built are quieter or at least as quiet as inline blowers.
Another things to consider, apparently the larger the duct size for your hood, the quieter it will be (and more efficient of course).
Anyway, you might consider cross posting on the appliance forum and also doing a google search here to take advantage of quite a bit of knowledge here on this subject (though contradictory).
Good luck.

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Check the building code in your community. Where I live, any venting more than 400 cfm requires makeup air.

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