Corner sink or not

catlover5July 11, 2010

Hello. It's time to redo our kitchen as it is starting to fall apart and we won't be keeping anything. It is very small (110X101)with a number of obstacles and I currently have only about 18 inches of countertop next to the sink which is center window. The other side of the sink is about 14 inches and that is where we have the drainboard for the dishes. The stove is by itself in one corner and the fridge is by itself in the other corner. We are going for an L-shaped layout but not including the fridge in the L part of the layout. I was hoping for a farmhouse sink center window but we are being told by the various kitchen centers we can only have a corner sink which cannot be a farmhouse sink. I work with very limited counter space now and it's hard to envision the difference in countertop space between a corner sink and a sink center window as well as where to put the 24 inch dishwasher that we would like to add. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of a corner sink? We are willing to move the window to get a center window sink. Customers I have spoken with at the various kitchen stores have all told me they don't love their corner sinks. Any comments would be appreciated. Our house is a 1940s cape cod cottage and I am looking for a white vintage cottage type kitchen with a stone countertop. Of course, budget is a consideration. Thank you.

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It's tough to give layout advice w/o seeing a layout of the space...with widths of windows/doors/walls and the distances b/w the windows/doors/walls. Is it possible to draw up a layout and post it here?

The "Read Me" thread (see below) describes how to post pictures as well as what information is helpful when asking for layout help.

In answer to your corner sink question, some people like them, some don't. In general, though, if you can avoid a corner sink for your cleanup or only sink, you're better off b/c if your sink is in a corner there's only enough room for one person at a time, you need a larger sink base cabinet, and DW placement has to be handled carefully.

OTOH, a corner prep/secondary sink can work well.

Here is a link that might be useful: Read Me If You're New To GW Kitchens!

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buehl probably are not getting responses to your thread emailed to you even though you checked the box that says "Check here if you would like copies of follow-ups to your message emailed to you." This is b/c you do not have the email option turned on in your profile.

See the "Read Me" thread for more information (linked below). Scroll down to the post w/the subject "Getting Emails Sent To You...3-step Process"

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I can not recall who told me this, but someone mentioned that a corner sink was difficult on their back. I am sure that their are others on this site with first hand experience to share with you, though.

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catlover, your kitchen sounds fairly close to the size of mine. Two of my neighbors who have the same size kitchen as mine have corner sinks. Both are single cook kitchens and the extra continuous counter space that both have made me seriously consider doing the same. I decided against it though as BF and I always seem to want the sink at the same time. If I had the room I would add a prep sink.

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We had a corner sink in our last house and I loved it. We are getting ready to put one into this house too even though most have tried to talk me out of it. We also have a small cape cod cottage, 1934. For us the corner sink is the most efficient use of space and will yield the most counter space.
I can't wait until it is here! One concern with a corner sink is that you have to have adequate space btwn the sink and the dishwasher so that you aren't too boxed in at the sink while loading up the DW. 12-18" space should be adequate.
Another thing I should mention, in both cases I still had a great view from my corner sink; out a window in our old house and over a half wall into the family room in the new layout. You have to consider both the view from the sink and the counter space and then decide what is most important to you. Good luck with your project!!

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I have a sink in the corner, although it's not an actual corner sink that I put in there. Does that make sense? I would probably not recommend an actual corner sink though (i.e. the kind that has the two bowls at a 90 degree angle).

Can you post a diagram of your layout? Maybe we can help you figure out why you're being told this and help you figure out how to make it work better for you.

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Thank you to all who have replied. I am trying to figure out how to post the layout and I've made the change to get the follow up emails. Hope to be providing more information very soon. THANK YOU.

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Thank you for your feedback. I drew up a very rough floor plan - my apologies in advance to you good people but hopefully it is good enough to help decide corner sink or not. I am the only cook but DH does help clean and I work around a 120 lb dog that likes to lay on the floor as I work. You enter the kitchen from the dining room which has a china cab for the good dishes and I have a large antique cabinet in my garage that is also accessible from the dining room and I use that as my pantry. I am told by the various KDs I have met with that a corner sink is the only option. I did really want lazy susans in the corner top and bottom and a single bowl farmhouse sink center window and stone countertops but realize the existing window will have to be moved simply to get a cab to the top right let alone deciding on where to place the sink. The stove is by itself currently on the shorter wall and the fridge is on the longer wall with the swinging door but unfortunately next to a radiator as that was the only place the fridge would fit. The kitchen has the only access to the yard and we are thinking of replacing that door with a slider since even if we cut down the cab depth behind where the door opens, I believe the doorknob will hit the countertop. I hate to part with that door as it is original to the house but it might be best. Special cooking/baking needs - no room for any of that - I do cook every day, like to have the holidays and do like to bake but I am looking to get some more cabinets (cabs are only on the sink wall, nothing on the stove wall), stone countertop while adding a 24 inch DW and a microwave over the stove. If we get the slider, we will look into a toe kick heater but for now every KD tells me the corner sink is the only way to go. A corner sink being a single bowl undermounted in a corner sink cab base, not a double basin sink on either side of the corner. No room anywhere else for a 2nd sink as the room is too small, 110x101, and my concern with a corner sink is that I am not tiny and how much do I have to twist to get to the DW and how much space will I have to the stove. We would like an L layout not including the fridge in the L part. I hope this is enough details. Plumbing can be moved easily so that is one less obstacle. Thank you for your help. I am working on a better drawing but DH is already asleep and he draws better than me.

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Any good designer should be able to listen to your priorities and come up with a creative solution to make it all work. If you really have your heart set on the farmhouse sink under the window then you need to find a designer who can make that work for you. It sounds lovely and I don't see why it can't work. I have a similar small space with lots of doorways and foot traffic but I didn't have to have the corner sink, I wanted it. I am surprised your designers are pushing it on you. The designers I dealt with all tried to talk me out of mine.I ended up doing the design myself since no one could come up with a plan that I liked.

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