Who pays to reinstall damaged cabinets?

DeeV78July 31, 2014

I am having new kitchen cabinets installed, and there are several doors that need to be replaced, a wall corner cabinet frame needs replacing, and a 3" filler needs replacing. The doors I'm not concerned about as that's an easy replace. However in order to replace the corner cabinet and filler, multiple cabinets will need to be taken down. I'm guessing my contractor will need to be compensated for the extra work and time. Is this an expense that the homeowner has to incur or should I request reimbursement from the manufacturer/talk to the KD?

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Whoever installed damaged cabinets is responsible. They should be inspected by the installer before proceeding with the work. That's part of the job.

Manufacturers state that once installed, the product has been accepted. If it's an obvious manufacturing defect that shouldn't be a problem, but some things could come under question as having happened during the install.

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I am having new cabinets installed today too. I would think your contractor shouldn't install cabinets that are defective to begin with. Did you order cabinets yourself through the KD? Then you should contact them yourself and let them know to order replacements. Take lots of pics. If it has already been installed, then it becomes a question of who signed for the delivery and okayed the installation of the defective cabinet? That should be the person footing the bill.

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my kd was owner of the kitchen place and their guys did the install. they installed damaged cabs and reordered them. then came back to do the reinstall at no cost to me. you should not pay for reinstall.

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Depends on your relationship with the contractor and kitchen place. If you bought the cabinets from some place that also does the installs, then they take care of you. If you bought the cabinets from one place and hired someone else to install them, then it's on the guy you installed. He shouldn't have installed damaged items. If he did so at your instruction, then it's on you.

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You're a cabinet installer. You point out that there are cabinets damaged by others. The homeowner tells you the granite guys won't template without actual cabinets in place which will substantially delay the job.

Do you tell her "Tough luck." and install them anyway?

Do you tell her "Fine, but you'll have to sign this change order authorizing payment for replacement cabinet installation."?

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You tell the customer to call the KD/cabinet company. You advise if you install them anyway, the re-install will be billable.

No, damaged goods should not ever be installed without the customer's approval and authorization- after being advised of the consequences.

Yes, get it in writing.

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