What should I put under a glass backsplash?

elaine_July 7, 2013

I just put in a new tile countertop...my first DIY project! It came out okay (I give myself about a C+ for a first-timer), but I had a terrible time working with the cement board. I don't have a lot of tools, so I just scored and snapped, and it was a big pain.

Can I use cork board or some other kind of backer for the backsplash? Alternatively, if cement board really is the only good choice, can anyone recommend an inexpensive tool to use ? The backsplash has to go around two electrical outlets and a window, and I can't stomach doing that much score and snap!

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You can use tile backer board that is more like drywall. The stuff that I used for our backsplash and fireplace surround was essentially fiberglass reinforced drywall. It is called DensShield and I got it from Home Depot.

Here is a link that might be useful: DensShield

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Cement board is cut doing score and snap. Tiles.....not so much. You can get an inexpensive wet saw at any of the box stores for under $75 that will cut smaller sized tiles a heck of a lot easier and more accurately than a snapper. It's an investment worth making for any DIYer who will do more than one tile project. It will make your life easier and you will wonder why you didn't buy it for your counter project. If you run out of tile projects in your home, you can always put it on Craigslist and sell it for almost as much as you paid for it. Much cheaper than renting one and you can take your time using it!

And for easier cutting of cement board, try a heavy duty carpet utility knife, extra blades, and a good straight edge. Score and snap just like you do drywall.

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